What is U Speak We Pay app : Introduction & review

We, IndianOnlineIncome team, are here again with the introductory review of another money-making opportunity. This time it is an android app called “U Speak We Pay”. This app pays money for speaking sentences which shown on the app’s screen. In this post, we’re going to review it and we also share our experience using it. This post will cover topics as-

  • What is ‘U Speak We Pay’ app in simple words?
  • How to make money with it?
  • Things to keep in mind
  • Guidance for a better earnings
RELEASED ONMarch, 2018
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U Speak We Pay: What is It?

This is an android app which promises to pay rupees for speaking text showing on the screen. As our understanding, these texts could be a part of a news article’s sentence. As they mentioned, they’re collecting the data to make an English speaking app. We’ve found no offensive or vulgar text in the task. These texts are what we read in our daily life somewhere sometime. This is a very simple and easy job. All you need is an android phone and good pronunciation.

Currently, this app offers tasks in 5 languages-

  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Gujrathi
  • Tamil


After downloading app, fill in this code- LZYSAS to the required field.

Register with your details. This is a quick process and doesn’t take much time. After completing the sign-up process, you will straightaway lead to the task tab.

Push the microphone icon at the bottom and start speaking the sentence appearing on the screen loud and clear enough. After you complete each sentence you need to press the microphone icon again to submit your audio. Once you did that a new sentence appears on the screen. Again do the same process.

  • Push the microphone icon
  • Speak the sentence
  • Push again the microphone icon

Every recorded file going to the server. We don’t know what is the process there. If your audio file get accepted it will be shown in app’s earning area section. Total recorded files, Accepted files and accuracy rate shown up in the earning area.


U Speak We Pay app releases payment every day around 11:00 am. They send payment to the PayTM account of same mobile number you have used to register in this app.

The minimum payment amount is Rs. 25 only

Tips and suggestions for better use

We’re using U Speak We Pay app’ app from a fairly long time. So based on our experience, we’ve some tips for you. We hope this would be helpful.

  • This app is basically an audio recording app which pays off. So it is very necessary that you record the speaking text in a quiet(noise free) background.
  • Do not be discouraged because of the low accuracy rate. We think this is normal. Accept rate of recorded audio files is not good even if you’ve good pronunciation. Although, it’s still good money making opportunity
  • On Technical expect, this app is average. It’s not fast while we open the app and while we fetching our earning details from the server. If you’re getting any issue contact their support team. They’re good in response, though.
  • Use the same mobile number to register which linked with a PayTm account and also the KYC is completed so you can receive money.

Uspeakwepay app is back in google play store. They are releasing payment as normal. I think they are facing technical issue in past few months. Now, everything is under control. Their support team is responsive. If you have a balance of above 25 rupees and not getting paid. Email them at voiceitindia@gmail.com .

Current Status(14th January 2020): LEGIT

We are nothing without you. If you found any wrong information from our side, have any query, want to share something or want to discuss something with us regarding U Speak We Pay app. Just give a short of your valuable time and leave a comment below. Regards.

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