What is Taskbucks app – Introduction, review & tips

IndianOnlineIncome team is on its way to review another platform which claims to provide a money-making opportunity for Indian people. This time it is an android app called “TaskBucks”. In this article, we’re going to review this app. We will share everything we know about this app. To make our article clear we split our article into topics such as-

  • Taskbuck app: A short introduction
  • Is it legit?
  • How to make money in Taskbucks?
  • What are the withdraw methods?
  • Our thoughts

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What Taskbucks app actually is?

As the name is indicating, it is a task-based mobile phone app which is currently available for Android only. TaskBucks platform hosts several types of money making opportunities. But its primary feature is  “Install apps and Earn”. It allows users to make some money by installing apps and using them for a specific time. It also includes a quiz section and a viral stories section. We will talk about it later in this post. Keep reading!

Is it Legit?

Yes, absolutely it is a legit app. A good team operating this app. Times Internet, a well-known Internet-based venture holding most of the shares in Taskbucks business. It’s paying on time.

How to Join TaskBucks app?

Complete your profile after downloading the app. Verify your account using the mobile number. Use the same mobile number which is linked with Paytm as your earnings to be withdrawn through Paytm. There is no option to change mobile number later. You can also link your Facebook and Gmail account. After completing all these steps you will be all set.

Start making money…

Install & Earn

This is the primary section of Taskbucks app. A list of various app showing in this section. Some required to install and open. Some required to register, also. Some task required to keep app installed into device for a specific time. Pay-rate depends on complicity of task. Once you started working on a task and download an app, it placed into your ‘ongoing task’ section. You will be notified in timely manner for your to do. You can also check task’s progress manually.

Invite & earn

Taskbucks pays for invite new users using your referral link. Invite link can be find at ‘Invite & earn’ section. You can earn 63 rupees by inviting 3 friends daily. Each user needs to install at least one app. Everyday your first qualified invitee makes you Rs. 18, second one makes you Rs. 20 and third one makes you Rs. 25. So by inviting 3 people you can make 63 rupees.

Explore & Win-

This is luck based earning opportunity. This section shows a list of non-paying apps. If you tried these apps for free, you’re in for a random reward program which pays 12 users. We don’t recommend this.

Pro Task-

TaskBucks recently announced that soon they are going to introduce new opportunity. At first look, it seems like a more advanced version of trying new apps. It might be a ” direct contact between individual app developer to genuine users who can give genuine feedback for their app” like thing. Anyway it is still under process. Let’s see sometime soon….


Beside Paytm, Taskbucks also sent payment through mobile recharge. Maximum withdraw limit is Rs. 10 for Paytm and Rs. 15 for Mobile Recharge. It is also notable that user only can request payment once in every 7 days. It means using Paytm option, maximum withdraw amount would be Rs. 40 per month and using mobile recharge option, maximum withdraw amount would be Rs. 60 per month. So in simple words, you can earn unlimited (if tasks are available) but can withdraw 40-60 rupees per month only.

Tips and suggestions for better earnings

Although, there is not much to care about in this app. Its simple, install the app, use it for some days and earn money. But we would like to share few things we have noticed which needs to be noticed.

  • Register with the same mobile number which linked with an active Paytm account.
  • Do not waste your time in completing so many tasks as you’re not able to withdrawn all earnings. Earn only that much you can withdraw.(Currently its 40-60 rupees per month)
  • If you installed an app from the task-list and its not showing in ongoing task section, don’t start another one. Instead, uninstall the previous one first and reinstall it again. Sometimes this app not good at verifying the installs. Just give it a push.
  • This app also shows advertisement of mobile apps. Understand the difference between advertisement and task. Advertisement include a tag ‘Ad’ on the upside.

We’re nothing without you. If you have any query, want to share something, want to discuss or If you find anything untrue from our side regarding Taskbucks app, Please let us know and comment below. Regards!

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