What is Roz Dhan app: Information & review

IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another income opportunity available online. This time it is an android app called “Roz Dhan”. In this post, we’re going to review this app. We will share everything we know about this app. We will cover topics such as

  • What is Roz Dhan in simple words?
  • Invitation Code
  • How to earn money with it?
  • Our thoughts

Roz Dhan app in simple words?

Roz Dhan app is a video sharing and watching platform. Every user of this app can upload videos in this app. These videos can be related to entertainment, health, fashion or informational. Anybody can watch these videos on this app. This app also offers a reward program. The app users can earn money by referring this app to other people.

How to earn money with it?

Roz Dhan app based on coins system. At the time of writing this post 250 coins are equal to 1 rupees. There are 2 ways to earn coins in this app-

Daily Login

Roz Dhan app gives free coins to login on daily basis. On 1st day reward would be 20 coins, 2nd day its 25, 3rd day 30 and as increasing day by day its 50 at the 7th day. You need to open the app daily. If you missed even by only one day, the counter will restart again from day 1.

By Inviting new friends

This is the primary earning way of this app. Every time you refer this app to someone, it will give you 1250 coins. Coins will be added to your balance only if he/she use your invite code.


Roz Dhan app pays earnings using Paytm. The minimum payout limit is 200 rupees. No other tricky rules. Simple! Earn 200 rupees and withdraw earnings.

Our Recommendation & thoughts

We do not recommend this app. There are other competitor apps available who pays more in various ways. This app gives 1250 coins for per referral which is equal to 5 rupees. It means you need at 50000 coins to reach 200 rupees mark to withdraw. It means you need to refer this app to 40 people. This is not an easy task. Everybody can not earn with this app.

We recommend Injoy app. This is also a content sharing app with more earning opportunity with minimum 1 rupees withdraw limit. Click here to know more

We’re nothing without you. If you’ve any query, want to share something, have something to say or find out some wrong information from our side regarding Roz Dhan app. Please let us know. We will take care of that.

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