What is Qureka app – Introduction, Review & Tips

IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another platform which claims to offer money-making possibilities. We’re going to review “Qureka app”. In this post, we will share everything we know about this app. To make our article clear we split our article into points-

  • What is Qureka in simple words?
  • Is it legit?
  • What is inside Qureka?
  • Our thoughts

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March 2018

What Qureka app actually is?

Qureka is a mobile application and currently available for Android only. It is a platform which hosts live trivia game shows and offers a reward for winners. Each game show has a fixed prize money and a set of 10 questions. Each player who correctly answered all 10 questions, is eligible for a share in prize money which is equally distributed at the end of each game show.


Is it legit?

There is no issue of legitimacy. It is a legit app. A good and reliable team is operating this app. Rewarding people through infotainment is a good thought. But it has yet to prove its sustainability. Time will tell the future.


Our recommendation

Yes, we recommend this app to everyone. Especially those who love to get more knowledge and play trivia.


Do you want to try Qureka?

Use Invite Code: SUND3821

After installing qureka app, the first thing you have to do is register into it. This is a simple procedure. Submit your mobile number, create a username and verify your number. Done! Hopefully, you will get some free lives in your account. It is a promotional thing and may be changed in the future. Qureka keeps you notified with every game and send notification 5 minutes before each game. If you have free time you can play the quiz. A quiz game show consists of 10 questions.

Qureka hosts 4 types of game shows-


Mixed topics

Questions are asked from all topics like History, Science, Trending, General Knowledge, Cricket, Technology, Business, Sports, Food, Art, Culture, Politics, Music, Films, TV, Mythology, Movies, Nature, Geography, Literature, Celebs, World & Social. These quizzes generally offer the biggest prize money.


Specific topics

Questions are asked from one specific topic or based on one specific theme. These quizzes are generally offered less prize money than mixed topics game show.


Daily Mini-Quiz

These game shows asked only 3 basic knowledge based questions. Winners get 1 free life.


Monthly Mega Quiz 

These quizzes held on the 28th & 29th July. Biggest prize money Rs. 300000.


All these games are performed throughout the day from 9:00 am. to 10:30 pm. Mixed topics quiz game shows held at 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

Life keeps the player eligible to compete even if he/she gave a wrong answer. Life automatically being used till 9th question and 1 per game. Life is not applicable in 10th question.

Every game has a fixed prize money which is distributed between each winner equally. For example, if the prize money is Rs. 20000 and winners are 200 then each winner will get Rs. 100.


Host Raunak Narula
Timings Multiple times a day
Reward prize 1000, 3500, 20000 or 1 life
Withdraw method PayTM


What is special in Qureka app?


Qureka is the smoothest in all live quiz apps

It consumes less data and works smoothly. We haven’t seen any slowness or delay in live game shows. Actually, querka is a little bit different than other live game shows. In qureka, the host doesn’t ask the questions. He only keeps you engaged in a humorous way. Questions are shown up on a separate frame.


Qureka’s referral program is also good

Unlike other competitor apps, it gives you half of the winning amount of your referral if your referral won. The only condition is that you also have to play the same game. No matter you won or lost.


Qureka hosts multiple game shows everyday

Also, more opportunity to earn free life. It hosts a variety of shows for various rewards.


Quiz games based on a variety of themes and topics.


Tips and suggestions for a better experience:-

⇒Keep Qureka app updated with the latest version.

⇒Life is a crucial thing in all live quiz platform. Try to get as many lives as you can.

⇒Follow Qureka on social media. One answer is provided on twitter and facebook channel(#GoQureka) before starting the game.

⇒Qureka hosts theme-based quizzes. Keep yourself updated with themes. You could get one such theme you’re expert in.


Final words»

Qureka is a lovable app and deserves a place on your phone. This is a win-win app. Every quiz increases your knowledge. You can earn real money if you’re a trivia genius. And if not, you can try your luck at least.
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