What is OneAd app : Is it a good platform to earn money?

IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another online program which claims to provide a way to make some money. In this post, we’re going to review “OneAd app”. We will discuss the business model and legitimacy of OneAd. We split the review into points as-

  • What OneAd actually is?
  • Ownership details
  • Is it Legit or scam?
  • Our recommendation

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What is OneAd app?

OneAd is an Android app which provides real-time offers and discounts coupons for fashion, travel or other different kinds of online shopping or services.

OneAd also using multi-level marketing method. There is a 10 level deep referral program in this app. Every time a user refer app to someone it starts a chain system(pyramid system) every referral and referral’s referral increase user’s earning up to 10 levels.

Is it legit?

Although, the business model is not good. But keeping the fact in mind that it is a free platform, we can declare it a legit platform.

How does OneAd system work?

OneAd promises to pay money only if referrals are active. Meaning of active referral is- “the referred user is using the app.”

Basically, Onead is generating the revenue by showing the advertisement to the referred members and by commision earned from deals, offers, discount coupons showing in the app. That revenue is being used to pay members.

This is a network marketing model with some modification.

More curiosity:-

1. Do quality of deals and the discount coupon good?

Yes, OneAd shows best offers and deals.

2. What is lock screen feature?

Lock screen feature gives technical permission to OneAd app for showing up the advertising screen whenever user unlocks his/her phone.

3. Is it mandatory to turn on the lock screen feature?

No, but turning off this feature will decrease user’s income 75% and will get only 25% income.

4. What payment method used in this app?

Simple, bank transfer! Paytm is also available with a limit.

Why aren’t we recommending it? (Now we recommend it)

As you can see, we declared OneAd a legit program but we don’t recommend it. Here are few reasons-

1. Lock screen Ads

Turning lock screen ads on allow ads to show up every time we wake up the phone. Also, It allows the app to remain active whether we are using it or not. It consumes energy.

2. No direct earning

There is no direct earning from this app. Yes, a 10 level deep referral program is there. But it is not possible for everyone to build a good referral list. It is harder especially if we’re promoting an app. Nobody wants an app on his/her phone if that is useless or rarely usable.

3. Deals & Offers

A fact is that internet is full of discount coupons, deals, and offers. Keeping a frustrating ad showing app is not worth it for these services.

4. Network marketing

Only a few people succeed in network marketing. It is like trying to build a big chain of referrals. So if app user does not remain active then this chain will break later

(If in future, OneAd app could provide a direct way of earning and ads shown up in a more decent way then we would re-consider our decision for sure.)

Update: 15 September 2019 –

A lot of things changed in Onead app. Few changes are-

  • No more “partial active” users. Now there are only 2 types of users. Active and non-active. Now you don’t need to turn the onead lock-screen feature on to be a active user.
  • Now playing games will give you money. This is like a loyalty/reward game points which will be convert into paisa next day.
  • Local ads feature is completely removed. Now there are only google ads. (It will not affect users.)


New updates are cool. Now, I recommend it to everyone who is interested in low earning reward programs.

I always support a genuine reward program which business model is legit and manages by a reputed management.

If you have a smartphone with internet connection. You can make few paisa/rupees daily by playing games in OneAd. If you think few paisa/rupees is not worth it read my blog – {link)

Download OneAd

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We’re nothing without you. If you have any query, want to share something or want to discuss something regarding Onead app. Please feel free to use the comment box below

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