What is Mcent browser : How to make money with it?

We no more recommend this app. Recently, Mcent browser changed the points system. Now, we need to earn 5 times more points for the same amount of recharge then what needed in the past. This is not a good move. At least, they should have to pay the previous earnings first. It is very hard to reach the minimum recharge now. Not impossible but very hard. Now, it will take a very long time to reach the minimum plan. And there is no guarantee that they will not change it again in the future. Therefore, we no more recommending this website. We’re not declaring it a scam but their business strategy is not profitable anymore for our Indian friends. We feel sorry for everyone who stuck with their points in their mcent accounts. We suggest everyone to send them a request to pay what you already earned. Send a message to them on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mcentbrowserapp/ and send them an Email – http://support.mcent.com/customer/portal/emails/new

Note: Please send them message in a
sophisticated way. Don’t use abusive language. Hope they will listen!

IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another online program which claims to provide a way to make some money. We’re going to review “Mcent browser app”. In this post, we are going to cover useful information, guidance, and tips altogether such as-

  • What Mcent browser actually is?
  • History of the publisher of this app
  • How does it work?
  • Some tips and suggestions for the better result

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What is Mcent browser?

Mcent is an Android browser just like any other browser. The only different thing is, Mcent browser give free mobile recharge for doing what you usually do in a browser like surfing, streaming videos, social media access, and such things.



Mcent browser adds points for every eligible activity doing in the browser which can be redeemed in recharge later.


Is it legit?

Yes, Mcent browser is a legit product. It is an innovative way of advertising. JANA, publisher of the app is a good player in this industry.

Mcent browser is a good browsing app. Browse and get rewarded. Simple!


More details about JANA

Jana is a mobile advertising company based in the USA. Jana’s products, mcent app, and mcent browser were introduced in 2014 and 2017 respectively. Mcent app is no more in service but mcent browser is still holding a place in the market.


Recommended for-

Anybody can use this browsing app. But we highly recommend it for-

People who spent a lot of time on the internet like on googling, watching videos etc.


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1. Is Mcent browser good for browsing?

Yes, features are pretty similar to google chrome with incognito mode available.


2. Does it show any ads disturbance?

It is a product of advertising company. They get revenue with it so fairly showing the advertisement. But ads are not disturbing. Ads are fixed at the bottom of the app and pop up ads are showing up 1 or 2 times a day and only when you’re using the browser.


3. What method Mcent use to payout?

Currently, Mcent is supporting payout by Mobile recharge only.


4. What is the minimum balance to withdraw?

There is no minimum limit. After adding the sim-card to the account all eligible recharge plans showed up on the screen. Plans which value is under the current mcent balance would be available and else will remain locked.


Tips for the better experience

Mcent browser gives reward points for every genuine activity. Try to use youtube, facebook, Gmail and such engaging platform in mcent browser instead of the related app, Especially youtube. It will increase points comparatively quicker.



We saw many complaints on the internet regarding “reward points rate is decreasing after some time.” Well, we don’t think its true. Mcent browser gives “extra bonus points” at starting point but it is a bonus. The average reward rate is same all the time.

Maybe some people are trying to cheat by refreshing page again and again or in another way. It will not give any reward points. If you use it in a genuine way then you are all good.


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