what is Kolotibablo? – How to earn with it?

Kolotibablo is a well managed and simple captcha typing website. It provide two types of work. One is traditional captcha typing work and other is moderation work.

 How to Join Kolotibablo?

How to Join Kolotibablo?


Joining Kolotibablo is a simple procedure. Click Here››› . Which redirect you to registration page. Put a unique user name(like ram1234 etc.) in Login section and your valid email address in other field. Now click on register. Check your mailbox, You will found your user details there. Very simple!!!!!!


How to work in Kolotibablo?

After you get your login details in mail, go to login page and login in your account with your details.

Beware of Case Sensitive captcha. You have to put upper and lower case letter same as in image.

Other general captcha can be type in any form( upper case or lower case)

Two kind of work available in Kolotibablo. One is Captcha typing work and other is Captcha Moderation work. Captcha Entry work means “Read & Type” and Captcha Moderation work means “examining a typed captcha whether it is right or wrong.

How to Withdraw money from Kolotibablo?

Kolotibablo provide many ways to withdraw . But for Indian it is best to withdraw with Bitcoins or Paypal.

Paypal is our first recommendation because it is safe and best online payment service in the world at this time. Read full Review of paypal.

Bitcoin is good choice, too. But it has some complications. Off course you know, bitcoin’s price keep changing. So complication is “Suppose you withdraw $5 in your bitcoin wallet. Then kolotibablo send you some bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet which value is $5 at that time. It takes 24 hrs(sometime more). Ok as I told you bitcoin price keep changing. So if bitcoin price is higher then the price you withdraw, It increases your withdrawn bitcoin value and If bitcoin price is low, then you are in lose, because your withdrawn bitcoin value will be less, now. Hard to understand if you are new to bitcoin. keep try to understand.


  • Type fast but accurately.
  • Withdraw as soon as you reach minimum.
  • Use bitcoin for withdraw wisely.

Are you having issues withdrawing funds from kolotibablo? If you’re a Indian citizen we can help you. Click here for assistance

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