What is Injoy app : How to earn money with it?

(24 april 2019) We are getting some bad feedback from users on Injoy app. I, personally not very convinced with Injoy app’s recent changes. I feel like they are turning into scam. I’ll look into it. When I will sure about it, I’ll put it into scam list. Till then I’m putting this app into “Not recommended” list. -P.S. Rawat

We, IndianOnlineIncome team, here again, to introduce you to another online money making opportunity. This time it is an android app called “Injoy”. Injoy app claims that it gives money for using it. Well, In this post we are going to review whether it’s true or not. We will share everything we know about this app. We are going to cover topics such as-

  • What is Injoy in simple words?
  • Is it legit?
  • How to earn money in Injoy app?
  • How to withdraw money form Injoy app?
  • Tips & suggestions for a better experience

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INJOY: A brief introduction

Injoy app is funny videos and memes watching and sharing app. Also, by using this app you can make some money. The more you involved in its content, the more you earn. Your activities earn you coins. These coins can be redeemed later.

Is it legit?

Yes, We think so. Their business model is a revenue sharing model. They have given a platform to watch and share funny content. They make revenue by showing advertisement in some places of the app. They reward users for their contribution and involvement in this business.


After installing the app complete your profile. Choose a nickname for your account and you can also add a picture. Everything is like other social media platform. Add your Paytm account in your profile. You can also add your Whatsapp number in your profile. Injoy app has a WhatsApp status feature. We will talk about it later in this post.

Injoy app gives you money for your involvement in this app. whether it is in the form of a content watcher or the actual content uploader. Every genuine act of your in this app makes you coins. These coins can be converted into real money with some terms and conditions.


coins are available everywhere in this app. You just need to act on instructions. Here are some coins making features-

Daily login reward

First of all, there is a daily login reward program. If you use the app every day, you will earn coins every day from day 1 to day 7 and after. On the first day you will earn 10 coins, the second day it will be 15, third day 20 and increasing day by day on the 7th day it will be 100 coins. Actually, on and after 7th day when you push the button to claim log in reward it shows a spin wheel which gives you a chance to earn minimum of 100 coins. Very simple. But this is also notable if you missed it by even only one day then you have to start again from the 1st day.

Push Notification

Injoy sends push notification to watch a video or a post few times in a day. If you watch the content you will earn some coins. As well as our experience each push notification can earn 10+ coins.

View Posts

This is simple. Just view what others posted. You need to view and read the post genuinely. A quick looking not earn you any coins.

Watch videos

Every time you watch a video it will make you earn 2+ coins. If you got a push notification for a video. You will earn extra 2+ coins alongside the push notification coins.

Be a Reviewer 

Content on injoy uploaded by users. A huge amount of content uploaded daily. Their interior staff not able to review all of it. Therefore, they offer reviewer posts. Follow their rules, become a reviewer and collect coins. There are 3 grads for the reviewer – Primary, Middle and Advanced

Share in WhatsApp

If you share any content in Whatsapp and your friends view that content you will earn coins for that. That coins are limited to 50 per day.

Refer friends and Build a team

This is most amazing feature of Injoy app. If you help Injoy to grow their business they reward you more and more. Get you Invitation link from “Earn” section of the app. Share this link with your friends. Each new signup by your invitation link will earn you 500 coins. Sometimes, Injoy held special referral promotional offers. If so then you can earn even more by referring others.

Also, Injoy follows multi-level marketing program. Each and every active referral of yours who is earning money with Injoy app also make you money. Injoy gives 5% commission of your referral’s earning. Suppose, you have 10 referrals and each earns 1000 coins daily than the next day you will earn 5% of that coins which is equal to 500 coins. As your referrals start referring this app to others, their coins also grow up and so do yours. Isn’t it cool? This will make a team under you which work with you, grow with you, make money with you and of course, Injoy(Enjoy) with you.

Other tasks

There are few other tasks which make you coins. There are Newbie Tasks which gives you coins for completing your profile and post content for the first time. There is shaken phone reward which gives you coins for simply playing a shaking the phone game. There is a recall reward which gives you coins to recall your referral who is not using Injoy app for a while.


Okay! You had earned coins. Now the question is how to redeem those coins into real money. Well, the mind twisting line of rules and terms starts from here.

You earn 2 types of coins. One is by using the app and other is by Inviting others to the app. Coins which you earned by inviting others they can be requested to redeem any time. But the coins you earned by using the app have some tricky redeem rules.

There are 5 specific amount you can withdraw from your ‘app using’ balance. Every amount needs a specific qualification.

Rs. 1open wallet section for 3 continuous days
Rs. 2open wallet section for 5 continuous days
Rs. 5open wallet section for 10 continuous days
Rs. 10open wallet section for 15 continuous days
Rs. 250*Refer 2 new friends

Wallet area is a specific area where you see all details of your earned coins. Go to Earn>Wallet>withdraw, where you see your qualification for minimum withdrawing limit.

It is also notable that the number of continuous wallet opening days reach to 0 once you withdraw an amount. Which means if you continuously open the wallet for 10 days, you will be qualified to withdraw 5 rupees. If you have 5 rupees in the app using balance and you withdraw that. Then the counter of the number of days you open the wallet will reach to 0 days again.

So in simple words, If you open the wallet daily then you can withdraw a maximum 20 rupees per month(10 rupees in each 15 days).

There is another option for users who want to earn big money with this app. If you refer new 2 members in this app and you have 250 rupees in ‘app using’ balance then you can withdraw it. Each time you are going to withdraw 250 rupees you need to refer 2 new members.

INJOY QUALITY: As a fun platform

Until now, we reviewed injoy app on the aspect of earning opportunity. But we found this app very interesting on a fun platform aspect, too.

First of all, this app is really good in design and technical area. They also care for quality for content. They offer reviewer post to increase the quality of content. Although, content uploaded by users so there is fairly less involvement of them in this area.

Injoy also include 2 interesting features-

Injoy statuses

‘Injoy statuses’ is a feature where you can download your whatsApp friend’s status. You just need to visit the status in whatsApp only once. After that this status will show in injoy app status area where you can download it and customize it. Here you also can download trending whatsapp status and upload them into WhatsApp status. DIY feature offer a crazy meme making experience.

Injoy Explore

Injoy Explore is a list of categorized group of content. Here you can choose what specific category’s content you like to view. There are funny, relationship, friends, politics, cricket and many more groups available. You can also join the group so you can get a quick access of that category later.

Tips and suggestions for better earnings

Injoy is a fun app and full of engaging content. We’re using this app from a fairly long time. We’re very impressed with it. Although we already explained every twists and turn of this app. We have got some more clear and specific tips and suggestions for you. Hope this would help you in your journey with Injoy.

  • Claim your daily log in coins daily. Do not miss it even a single day.
  • Complete your daily task-list each day. It will keep you active and engaged into content.
  • Open you wallet section daily and watch your progress there for minimum withdraw limit.
  • Push notification posts are value to watch. They are high quality posts and earn you more coins.
  • If you’re not good at referring this app to others then don’t waste you so much time to earning more coins as you couldn’t be able to withdraw it. Without referring you can only withdraw 20 rupees monthly.
  • If you can refer others then first earn 250 rupees and after that refer this app to 2 people so you can withdraw your 250 rupees. Before referring this app to each 2 people make sure you earn new 250 rupees. It will increase value of your referral.
  • We personally don’t like a specific type of content in this app. Some content includes kids picture in memes or kids in videos and sounds double meaning(vulgar). We’re not against the soft adult content but it should be free from kids appearance in every manner. Please do not post content which are adult specific and kids appearance in it. Instead, be a reviewer for injoy and stop spreading such content.

UPDATE (02/20/2019) – Injoy did 2 changes. First is they changed the name of Injoy coins to “Peas“. And second, Small withdraw amounts(Rs. 1, 2, 5, 10) have been removed. Now, for “app using balance”, the minimum withdraw limit is Rs. 250. This limit is for “app using balance”. Money which you earn by referring people(referral reward) can be withdraw anytime. We still recommend this app. You can earn instant money by referring this app to your friends. Encourage your friends to use injoy app. This is a networking business. Build your network and your team will make money for you. Injoy gives Rs. 50 when you join injoy app. So now you need to earn only Rs. 200 more which is not very hard. Think about it. Good luck!!!

We’re nothing without you. If you have any query, want to say something, want to discuss something or found out any incorrect information from our side regarding Injoy app. Please let us know. We will take care of that. Regards.

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