What is Flikk app – Introduction, Review & Tips

*Flikk is no more in service. They shut down without any pre-announcement.

IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another platform which claims to offer money-making possibilities for Indians. In this post, we’re going to review “Flikk app”. We will share everything we know about this app. To make our article clear we split our article into points-

  • What Flikk actually is?
  • Is it legit?
  • How to make money in Flikk?
  • What are the withdraw methods?
  • Our thoughts

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September 2016

What Flikk app actually is?

Flikk is an Android lock screen app. Lock screen is a kind of extra layer which needs to be cleared before unlocking the phone. In the flikk app, this extra layer is a swipe. It means one who install this app have to swipe the screen to getting access of phone. This lock screen app shows you advertisement and news.

Flikk pays the user for using its services. Currently, there is a fixed rental pay rate of Rs.10 per 15 days. It means after 15 days you’ll get guaranteed 10 rupees in your account.


Is it legit?

Yes, this is a legit app. The team who operating this app is a genuine team and working on some other projects, too. They’re paying on time. Yes, there are some strict rules and some hidden terms. We’ll discuss those later in this post.


Our recommendation

It depends on what is the use of your mobile phone. If you don’t mind to keep one extra layer to unlock your phone and happy with 20 rupees per month as a rental than we surely recommend it to you. Flikk also hosts quiz and cricket based games which gave you rewards.

Use code: Preeta21451

After downloading and installing the app first thing you’ve to do is register with your mobile number, email address and if you like to link your Facebook account, you can.

How to make money in Flikk?

Although, flikk famous for its lock screen feature. But it also includes some other money-making opportunities.

Lock screen

This is the primary way of getting some money in flikk app. It will add a lock screen to your mobile phone or if your phone already has a default lock screen, it will be replaced. You’ll get a guaranteed 10 rupees after every 15 days. It is called “rental”.


Play GameOn

GameOn is a sports-based quiz where you’ll be asked to predict few answers of some upcoming match related questions. Currently, GameOn hosts quizzes based on cricket, football, and tennis. A fixed prize money and a set of questions put on the line before every match. The winners are decided depending upon their scores and time take to answer(predict) all questions.


Flikk Quiz

Flikk app also hosts an hourly quiz. It means each day 24 quizzes take place. These quizzes are based on the different subject. If you won the quiz once, you can’t play the same day again. You have to wait for the next day. Currently, the prize money is 50 rupees. It means each day 24 different users win 50 rupees each.


Invite & Earn

Flikk gives you an opportunity to earn some money by referring flikk app to others. You can refer someone by following the instructions in the “Refer & Earn” section.

Flikk rewards you with 10 rupees if someone used your referral code to register and played at least one GameOn quiz. Also, If your referral won a GameOn quiz, you’ll also get 50% of your referrals reward. The only condition is that you also played the same game. Tricky but fair rule!



This is a luck based contest where you’re asked to install and use some apps and lucky winners got rewards. This is “not recommended” from our side.



As we explained above that flikk gave a rental of Rs. 10 every 15 days. So you can withdraw after every 15 days. There are 2 ways of withdrawing flikk balance-

  1. Paytm
  2. Mobile recharge

Withdraws are normally processed within 1-2 hours but it could be a 24 hours wait.


Tips & suggestions for a better experience

Your experience with a product/service depends on how well you knew about it and how well you adopt its minus points. With our experience, we’re going to suggest you some tips for a better understanding-


→Keep flikk app updated with the newer version.


→Donot use it if you want a quick access to your phone. If you do your office work in the phone, simply ignore this app.


→Donot forget to withdraw your flikk balance on the end of 15th day. (Important)

The maximum you can withdraw is 10 rupees. So if you didn’t withdraw soon you will be in loss. Let’s suppose you withdraw 10 rupees on the 25th day after joining then now next time you can withdraw is (25+15)=40th day. Did you notice that you could withdraw the same amount in 30 days if you’ve withdrawn your first payment on the 15th day?


Flikk balance cannot be withdrawn directly.

There is a hidden rule. You’ve to install 2 or 3 small apps to process payment. It should be okay. Apps supposed to be really small in size and couldn’t take much time. (Important)

We’re nothing without you. If you have any query related Qureka app or you found any wrong information from our side, Please inform us via the comment section below. We will take quick action for the best.


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