Scam money making platforms – Daily updated list

Internet is a great place to make money online. There are various platforms and ways available for making money on Internet.

But a universal truth is that if something good exist in this world then there is something bad exist, too. That’s called scam.

because we hate when someone does…

What is our definition for scam?

We would call a platform/website scam if it is intentionally claims to provide a money making opportunity which they do not actually provide or couldn’t provide.

Then the million dollar question is – Why they do efforts to build these scams? Of course the answer is ” for money”.

These scammers directly or indirectly get benefit with these scam businesses. In some cases through registration fees and in some cases through web traffic and sometimes from other ways.

For us, scam and failed business are two different things. If a platform is trying to experiment new business model which could generate money making opportunity but failed later. It should be okay.

But if a group or individual involved in a chain of failed businesses then they surely are scammers.

Below is a list of all possible reasons which could be a sign of scam business-

  • Misleading and false information in that platform
  • Incorrect or no Ownership details
  • None or non-satisfied Contact and support
  • Suspicious business model
  • Relation with other scam business groups
  • Asking for unnecessary registration or another kind of fees
  • Complaints on Internet

These are some primary signs of a scam business. One particular sign is not enough for declaring a platform scam. We have got a good experience in this field which played a great role to take decision on declaring a platform scam.

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