Qureka – Best rewarding quiz app in India

Too many quiz gaming apps are available on internet now-a-days. Some of them are good, Some of them are average and some needs to improvement. We’ve reviewed several different kind of rewarding quiz app. In this process, we found “Qureka”. We reviewed it in past. See here – Qureka review

Qureka was new, then. As time passed it became more and more awesome. Qureka is a “WIN-WIN” app. This app host several quizzes of various topics which increases your knowledge base and give you an opportunity to earn money at the same time.

Why is Qureka the best?


Qureka covers almost every topic in their quizzes. From politics to sports, National to International, World to universe everything include in questions.

Number of games

Qureka hosts a lot of quiz game shows whole day. It gives flexibility to users to convert their free-time into infotainment time with guaranteed reward money if they win.

Referral Program

Qureka’s referral program is awesome, too. If you refer someone with your referral code you’ll get 10 rupees once your referral played his/her first game. Also, you’ll get 50% of his/her winning amount if you played the same quiz. This is more then “Awesome“!

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Use code : SUND3821

Register & Play


Shalini TewariCo-Founder
Apurva KumarCo-Founder
Raunak NaroolaHost
Rajani BhararaHost

Qureka hosts 3 types of games/quiz-

  1. Live game shows
  2. Hourly quizzes
  3. Prediction quiz


09:00 AMRs. 3000Mixed
10:00 AMRs. 1000Mixed
11:00 AMRs. 1000Current Affairs
12:00 PMRs. 1000
01.00 PM30 CoinsMixed
01.30 PMRs. 1500Cricket
02:00 PMRs. 500
02:30 PMRs. 10000Mixed
03:00 PMRs. 500
04:00 PMRs. 1000
04:30 PMRs. 3500Memory quiz
05:30 PMRs. 1000Mixed
06:30 PMRs. 500Mixed
07:00 PMRs. 1000
07:30 PM30 Coins
08:00 PMRs. 10000Theme
08:30 PMRs. 1000
09:00 PMRs. 10000

Things you should aware of

Not a income opportunity

Keep in mind one thing. Qureka is not a genuine income source. Basically, It is a reward program. They are not paying for any kind of work. Keep it that simple!

Terms and condition for withdraw

You can’t exploit qureka. There are some rules to withdraw balance. Rules are absolutely fair.

Tips and suggestions for better experience
  • Always keep the app updated with latest version. Keep checking play store if a update is available.
  • Always maintain minimum 30 coins in your account. Watching videos is best option to earn coins.
  • Sometimes few questions in live game shows are the same asked in past game shows. If you play quizzes daily you’ve good chance of winning.
  • Make sure you’ve completed your “Paytm KYC” and you’re eligible to receive money.

Qureka certainly deserves a place in your phone. Expend & test your knowledge with qureka.

P. S. Rawat

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