review : Scam or Legit?

We, IndianOnlineIncome team are ready to review another platform/website which claims they provide money making opportunity for Indians. In this post, we will do a deep review of website. We’ll tell you- Is it legit or Scam? And if it is legit then how to earn money with it. So lets start-

What is

This is a website and it claims that it provide full-time and part-time copy-paste data entry jobs. As per information provided in their website, you have to register and pay a Rs. 399 fees. And then they provide you a login id and password. They promise 100% guaranteed work. But is it true? Lets see..


This is SCAM. Stay away from it. We’re 100% sure. They’re not providing any legit work. We’ve good experience in data entry field. Indian people very fond of data entry work. That’s why scammers build this kind of scam businesses.

These are the reasons to prove it scam-


In their website, a demo work is being displayed. That is totally fake. That is not even a valid data file. A data file must be a image file. What they are displaying in their website is a already entered data. Believe me, we have good experience in data entry field. They are trying to scam people.


They charge Rs. 399 fee for registration. This is totally insane. They are telling that it will cover their server and management costs. We don’t think it’s true. They’re scamming people.


Their website mentioned that they started business in 2013. But as per our research this website got registered in 2015. So it is clear, they’re falsely showing that they are running business from a long time. They want to gain people’s trust by providing false starting time. This is another indication of scam business.


In FAQ section, we got a clear indication that this company operating a ponzi pyramid scheme. It means when users joined this website, they are tricked to recruit more users. So basically every user try to recruit new users. Every user pays registration fees. This company is making money this way. We’re sure when this website’s owner will earn enough money, he/she will shut down this website.

NO ADDRESS/ NO OWNERSHIP DETAILS website owner didn’t disclose his/her identity. There is no office details, nothing. If a businessperson want to be trustworthy, he/she should reveal such information.


This is 100% a scam website. Do not fell under this scam business. They ask for registration fees. And then give you an ad posting job to spread their own website’s ads on different ad-posting website. Maybe they will pay you starting but sooner or later, they will not. So better be away!

We are nothing without you. If you find out any incorrect information from our side, if you have any query, if you want to share something regarding website. Please use the comment box below. We will appreciate it.

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