Online Data Entry work – Tips and suggestions for Indians

Online data entry work is another way to get some extra income from the internet. IndianOnlineIncome is determined to explore every possible detail about home base online data entry work. We want our Indian friends to be aware of every online data entry opportunity. We also help them to know about scam online data entry websites.


What is Data Entry?

Data entry is a process to convert any kind of data into the digital medium. Digital data is easy to analyze. In modern day, Every business strategy based on data. Data plays a big role in a business growing. This data could be in the shape of an application form, any kind of bill, Document, Report, image, audio file, video file etc.

Skilled human resources needed to convert physical data into digital data. This need produces a job opportunity. Companies usually able to handle data entry related need on their own. Due to a lot of data or other reasons, these companies partnered with other data entry service providers.

Data entry work can be done in 2 modes:

1. Offline data entry

2. Online data entry

In this article, we focused on Online data entry opportunity.


Online Data entry jobs: Legit or Scam?

People loved home based data entry jobs because it allows them to work according to their comfort. Finding a data entry work on the internet is never been so easy. Too many websites on the internet claiming to provide data entry work from home, but what is the truth? The truth is most of them are a scam.

Although we have some experience in this field. According to our research, we are going to list some genuine home based data entry websites in this post. These websites giving an opportunity to earn money by typing work from your own place at this time.


Requirements for Online data entry work

  • A bank account (Needed for money withdrawal, No need to worry, it’s legal)
  • PanCard (Because it’s legal, every legal transaction requires pan card)
  • A valid email account.
  • A fast internet connection (Average speed is also good. But, It will affect your earning, faster your network higher you earn)
  • A PayPal account (It converts the dollar into rupees & send it to your bank account.
  • Bitcoin Wallet(This is an alternative to PayPal for Indians)



Captcha work is a home base online work. Captcha entry work is done through a web portal or software. Several Captcha entry websites available on the internet which offer captcha entry jobs.

Some of you might not know, what captcha actually is? Let us explain-


What is Captcha?

As you know the internet is full of websites which are doing a different kind of businesses. Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. almost every multinational company owns an official website. We are not talking about only big websites but small websites, too. Every website owner wants its website to be spam free. They only appreciate a real human being access their portal and uses their services. Nobody like programming robot’s interaction on their website.

Captcha is a solution to this issue. Captcha is a kind of question which can be answered by humans only. Website owner put the captcha on the signup page, login page or before a website loading. This process put a barrier on the entrance of critical data which can be passed by humans only.


Some of the types of captcha:-



How captcha makes you money?

Webmasters used captcha entry websites to solve these captchas. They pay for it. These websites uploaded captchas into their server and members solved it for some money.


List of captcha entry websites


1. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is an innovative captcha entry work. A simple Captcha typing work. Perfect for those who are new to captcha work. Workflow is good. Payment will be queued instantly after request. A sound alert for every captcha.  Read more>>


2. Megatypers

Megatypers is one of the longest-running captcha entry work. Highest price whole day comparing to other captcha entry site. Need good experience in captcha typing. Read more>>


3. 2Captcha

2Captcha is a professional captcha entry work. Although, the price is low in 2captcha competitively. It is good for a beginner. Sound alert for captcha. Read more>>



In this kind of data entry scanned image of a document to be transcribed. Scanned images split into parts according to the comfort and requirements. Like small document easy to handle, but large size document need to be split into parts and then these parts are being transcribed.

This data entry is different to captcha entry. Bills, different type of forms, receipts and other types of the document of normal human life being handled in this type of data entry.

There are not so many legit websites out there.


Below is the list of best opportunities-


Bpomart is a genuine data entry work provider. No registration fees. All you need to do is prove your typing skill and you are all set to work.  Read more>>


More website update soon….



Complications with Online data entry work

When you read words “online data entry work”. What was your reaction? Let me assume. You might have thought- “Yeah, I will do some typing work on my computer at my own place. No need to going anywhere. No boss, No target.”

But let me wake you up from your dream. Online data entry work is not a magic.

“Don’t dream to get rich by Data Entry work, Otherwise It will be your biggest mistake.


some facts about home base online data entry jobs-

1. The Internet is full of scam data entry websites.

2. Internet speed is needed to be fast. To grab every opportunity in any kind of online work,  you have to get maximum internet speed.

3. Every website we listed here to join is genuine. These websites do not tolerate cheating. Some people make more than one account to increase their earning. Believe me, this way leads you to a complete failure. Please do not cheat.

4. Accuracy is more important than typing speed. Be accurate, Be patient, Be steady. Put your all efforts to understand the system you work on.



How to deal with Scam data entry websites?

Scam is all around the internet. Do not believe in any kind of website which promises to give you data entry work after paying the registration fee. We have 5 years of experience in data entry field. Based on our experience we can easily say- “Those kind of websites are fraud.”

This kind of website turns into scam sooner or later. Some websites may pay you to grow their reputation. Once, they get enough money in the bank, they became invisible.


We are nothing without you. If you have any query related Online Data Entry work or you found any wrong information from our side, Please inform us via the comment section below. We will take quick action for the best.


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