Not recommended money making platforms in India – Daily updated list

In this page, we list down all those money making opportunities which we don’t declare a scam but still we do not recommend them for some reasons.

Sometimes there could be several reasons and sometimes could be a specific reason. Here are some primary reasons-


Sometimes, we are pretty sure about a platform that it’s a scam. But due to lack of proofs, we couldn’t declare them a scam. In that case we put those platforms in not recommended list and provide a in-depth review with valid reasons for our stand. So users can decide themselves.


Sometimes a website/platforms seems good for money-making. But when it comes to withdrawing funds to the bank account, there is no valid solution.

This is the primary issue with most of the money making platforms which are available worldwide but situated outside India.

Due to strict policies of Indian government for fund transferring to/from other countries, most of the payment processors don’t provide facility of fund transfer to Indian bank accounts. Paypal, Payoneer, Tranpay etc. are few payment processors work in India.

So a platform without a valid withdraw method for Indians gets place in our not recommended list.


Sometimes 2 or more different website/platform provide same service or same kind of service and working in all of them don’t make sense. In that case, we recommend the best one in terms of facts and put the others into Not recommended list.

These are the reasons we put a website/platform into Not Recommended list. Please note that putting a platform into this list doesn’t declare them bad. We suggest you to read full review and make the decision yourself.

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