Megatypers Review for Indians

We no more recommending Megatypers website to work on. It is becoming more bad platform day by day.  Previously, we haven’t put it in our “Not Recommended” list because comparatively higher pay-rate was balancing the slow image loading. We reviewed it for several months and we’re not recommending it for these reasons-

  1. Very slow image loading
  2. Server error(increasing day by day)
  3. No sound alert feature
  4. Comparatively higher minimum payout limit with such difficulties mentioned above

Megatypers is Online since 2012.  It is by far the longest-running captcha typing work. We split our review on in points-


  • Is megatypers a scam?
  • How to Join megatypers?
  • How to work in megatypers?
  • How to withdraw from megatypers?
  • Our suggestions


Is Megatypers a scam?

Megatypers has a mixed reputation in online world. Some people hate it, some people loved it. We always try to research every single aspect of megatypers. In the process, we found so many complaints about banned user’s account without any reason. Some says megatypers deduct balance without any reason. Some says never get payment.

(Personnel experience of admin)

Above paragraph was my research before registering in megatypers.” But i was very keen to give it a try so i registered in it. After register no issue poped up. It worked same as other captcha entry work. Got my first payment in paypal. Now, Here comes my next move(mistake). I learnt a lot from it. Read what stupidity i have done? I used my own Invitation code myself to open another 5 megatypers account. Now guess what was happend? I got banned in all 5 account. But I was still happy that my primary account not get banned. I keep working on my account and balance reached over minimum ($3). Now see what happend? I never get paid. Never means never. No payment. Never! Never! Never!  About one and half year later when i got a another internet network(for some reason), then i signed up again for a new account with completely different email and now i am a happy member of megatypers. The conclusion is never try to cheat megatypers( actually don’t cheat anybody).

We don’t want to overwhelm you. We just want to clear that megatypers is not scam. Yes, megatypers is very strict captcha typing work but not a scam. Yes, megatypers is hard to work, but not a scam. Yes, megatypers doesn’t have a clear support but not a scam.

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How to Join Megatypers?

Megatypers is simple to join. Only different thing is, you need to enter a Invitation Code in registration form. Copy this code- D31C and paste it in invitation code. Follow below steps to join.


  1. Click here>> to go to Megatypers official website. Fill registration form with your email, name, password, Invitation code(use – D31C ).
  2. Choose your payment type. We always suggest users to use PayPal.  Paypal is our first recommendation.
  3. After filling out registration form a verification link sent to your email. Now verify your account.

〈〈 Don’t be shy to ask anything related to this topic. We are here to help you. If you have any confusion, then contact us via our comment section below this article. Your comments will help us to improve this review.〉〉

How to work in megatypers?

 Megatypers is very strict. Don’t try to cheat megatypers system. They eventually ban account temporary or permanently.

Method to use megatypers is same as most of the other captcha typing work. Follow below instructions-

  • Login with your details. Click on “Start working” upper left corner. Now, Start typing.                                                                                                    
  • You will be given 15 seconds to complete a captcha. Type fast but accurately.


  • You can check your balance details by clicking “profile and payments” tab. 


  • “Statistics” tab  shows you details about Payout rates per hour per 1000 images. Upper section on same page shows you a list of most accurate and fastest typers of the day.


  • “Typerpoint” tab shows you details about your typer point. Typer point is a reward. You must type at least 500 correct images per day in order to obtain One (1) TyperPoint. 1 TyperPoint = 1¢ (One cent).


  • “Guidbook and Assistance section” is for understading whole scenerio of magatypers. If your account is suspended for a reason, you can request unban in this section. This is a complete information page of megatypers.


  • “Affiliates” tab is all about getting referral. 
  •  You need to create a invitation code. Every new member who    register with your invitation code will be counted as your  referral.
  • You will earn 10% of your referral earnings.


How to withdraw from megatypers?

Megatypers has several types of withdraw options. As a indian user 4 method can be use. Paypal, Bitcoin, Payza and Perfect Money. We always suggest our readers to use paypal as primary withdraw option not only in megatypers but in every websites which support paypal.

Megatypers doesn’t have a withdraw button. Don’t get me wrong. It means you don’t need to withdraw your payment manually. Once you reach minimum $3, It will be auto withdrawn every monday 5:00 pm server time. User who select bitcoin as payment option get payment on $1.5 .


Our suggestion!

We appreciate you for reading whole review. Now, you are on the final stage of our review. In this section we give some suggestion on the basis of current situation and our experience.

  • Always use Paypal as your primary withdraw option.  Want to know why? Then click here{link}>>
  • Always choose good combination of workload and payrate. Sometimes workload is high but payrate is low. At that point i suggest you to work with your full pace. It is always worth it to work when workload is high. It allows continues work and improve your typing skills as well as your earnings.
  • If you unable to understand captcha, click on DON’T KNOW below the captcha. (But don’t use it more often, give your 100% attention.)


  • Never try to cheat megatypers system. NEVER!


  • If your typing skill is not matching megatypers requirements then first try out other simple captcha typing work like Kolotibablo & 2Captcha.
  • Try to use megatypers affiliate program. It gives you 10% of what your referral earn. Suppose 10 people joined with your invitation code and every referral earn $1 per day. Now, you will earn $1(10*0.10= $1) daily for doing nothing. Cool!!! More active referrals you have, more you earn.


Please use below comment section to ask anything related to megatypers or captcha entry work. For other quaries which is not related to this article, use our home page. Your comments are valuable for us.


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