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Technically all our visitors are our team member. We are nothing without you. At the bottom of every post and page of this website, we added a special section. {quote}


Ok, let me explain, why are we saying so? We made a website “www.indianonlineincome.com”. We put all our experience in this website to help you earn money online in India. We took first step. Now, it’s your turn “You are the people who read our article, You are the people who act on it, You are the people who decide whether we are doing our work honestly or not and most important work of yours, is to help us knowing our mistakes. We are also human, we can also make mistakes. So if you found any unreal fact about our work or any suggestion then please give a sort of time of yours to pass it to us via your comments. It will help us to improve the quality of our work.

Who Is the Owner/Founder of Indianonlineincome.com?

Prem Rawat is the name of the founder of this website. Currently, only Prem Rawat is operating this website. He is the person who put all his efforts to explore online money making site in India. No more member for 2 reasons-

  1. Our website is in starting phase, so there is less work to manage. So no need for other members.
  2. Second and most important, this is the DREAM WORK of our founder, so he doesn’t want any interference in their work.


Ok, Now time to know “Who is Prem Rawat”.


Who is the founder/owner of indianonlineincome.comHi, Everyone I am Prem Rawat, owner & founder of this website(www.Indianonlineincome.com).

If you want to explain myself in one line then my line will be this- “Internet is my passion”. I will explain it later but first some details about me.

I am a resident of Rajasthan and my roots from Uttarakhand in India, both are wonderful places. Please come to visit. I completed my graduation from the University of Rajasthan.

Internet is my passion

I am sure most of the people in India surf internet to find some part time or full time earning. I am one of them. I used my computer to earn some money which helps me to improve my financial situation. I had search different-different terms in google, research on it. I agree sometimes I failed, but it experiences all about. we learn from our bad decisions. On the other hand, I found some genuine websites which made me able to earn at my place. My journey to the success is still going on. Now, I spend almost my whole day on my computer and I never get bored.

This is my story. Hope you like it.