How to withdraw money from Kolotibablo and 2captcha?

Hello friends! In this post, I’m going to talk about a common issue Indian users are facing in these 2 captcha entry website.

  1. Kolotibablo
  2. 2Captcha

What is the issue ?

Well, If you have tried to withdraw funds from these websites then you might be absolutely familiar with the issue.

The issue is – “How to withdraw earnings from these websites?

Both Kolotibablo and 2Captcha offer payment using third party payment processors. So the issue is that no any payment processors support money transfers to Indian bank account. That’s the reason Indian people who want to work in these website couldn’t do so.

sreenshot of 2captcha payment options
screenshot of kolotibablo payment options…

Why does this issue exist?

There are 2 primary reason-

  1. Strict governments policies in India.
  2. Non-supportive nature of big payment processors towards captcha entry websites

The cryptocurrencies are banned in India. Other small scale payment processors available in these website also not eligible for doing business in India.

There are few payment processors like Paypal, Payoneer etc. who doing business in India but they don’t do businesses with captcha entry websites. That is the whole story.

So let me explain the solutions of this issue-


for our referrals only….

This option is built to provide help to our referrals only. If you got registered or going to register in kolotibablo or 2captcha using the any link showing in our website then you can proceed. If you want to verify you’re one of our referral or not, comment your username for those websites below in comment box. we’ll check it and let you know.

This solution is – “Internal Transfer”. Kolotibablo and 2Captcha both offer a internal transfer option. Using this feature anybody can send his/her earnings to another user’s account.

Screenshot of 2captcha “internal transfer” option
Screenshot of kolotibablo “internal transfer” option

So in simple words, “You send your earnings to my kolotibablo or 2captcha account and I’ll return your earnings through Paytm or other option working in India.”

Minimum limit for internal transfer is $ 0.50 only in both websites.

Steps by step

Step 1

Register in these websites by clicking the links below and became my referral. If you already registered, skip this step

Kolotibabloclick here
2Captchaclick here

If it possible, create same user name in both websites. That will be good. But if you couldn’t, that’s okay, too.

Step 2

Comment your user name below in the comment box of this article. Or you can message me at my facebook profile –

Step 3

When your earnings reach minimum limit and if you want to withdraw it, contact me through comment box or facebook. We will discuss how i can send your earnings back to you. I’ll give you my user name for these websites where you can to send your funds.

Step 4

This is the final step. Once I see funds in my account. I’ll send you back your earning through your preferred method.

I’m not liable to pay anybody until i got funds in my respected accounts. I want to help my referrals at my best. I support honesty and I expect it from everybody. You’re my referral it means you’re in my team.


for everyone…..

Another solution of this issue is – “Cryptocurrency”. We explained above that cryptocurrencies are banned in India. But we researched and find out a way to withdraw funds indirectly from kolotibablo and 2captcha.

To understand this solution you have to understand cryptocurrency. We already made a whole different page on cryptocurrency earnings. Click here to visit.

Follow “First”, “Third” & “Fourth” steps of that page and you’re all good to go.

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