How to make money with Paidverts in India?

The IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another platform claiming to provide a money-making opportunity for Indians. This time we came up with ‘Paidverts’.

Paidverts is a popular web platform and people are keen to know about it. In this post, we are going to explain what paidverts is and how good is it in Indian circustances.

What is Paidverts?

Paidverts is an innovative advertising plafform, as well as a business opportunity and as well as a paid to click(PTC) website. Its primarily business is to provide quality visit to websites. It offers several kind of advertising options. Targeted ads, Bulk ads, Cheap traffic, Login ads are some of them.

Being a PTC website, it provide a opportunity to make money by clicking ads. But this is not a normal PTC website. We will talk about it in detail later in this post.

Paidverts is popular for its Bulk ads advertising option. This specific advertising option offers 120% return on the money invested in it. This return is getting paid in the form of paid ads.

Paid ads are normal ads with some amount associated with them. The value of total ads, number of ads and value of each ad are decided according to BAP groups.   

Is it legit?

Yes, Paidverts business model seams legit. Advertisement quality is better than other traditional PTC websites. The 20% return also seems logical as other advertising options have the ability to cover this debt. It is also notable that they haven’t fix any time frame for this return to completely paid off.

Their business model is transparent. They do what they claim. But people get confused with their business model and expect things they never claimed to provide. 

How to make money in paidverts?

There is only one way to make money in paidverts and that is  “Paid ads”. Paid ads distribution depends on previous day’s ad sales and the BAP group you are on. Higher your BAP group is more value of paid ads you will get.

What is BAP and BAP groups?

BAPs are “bonus ad points”. 1 BAP is equal to $0.0005. It means whenever you get some paid ads. The total BAP for the the total paid ads value will be substracted. It means suppose if you get some paid ads for total value of $0.01 then 20 BAP(20*0.0005=0.1) will be substracted from your BAPs. BAPs are basically a method to make user investing in paidverts.

BAP group is the factor to decide what percentage of value amount of previous day’s purchase you will get through paid ads. There are a fixed number of BAPs for each group.

screenshot of BAP group system

Paidverts issues paid ads 5 times in a weak monday to friday. You can check all the details about ad issue on the official forum of paidverts.

screenshot of ad issue on March 25, 2019

How to get BAPs?

Bulk ads

Bulk ads is one of the advertising options in paidverts. It gives website visits, banner imprasion and also the BAPs. 1 bulk ad pack cost $1 and it gives 125 banner impressions, 50 visits to your website and 2400 BAPs. So the total value of BAPs is 2400*0.0005= $1.20. This is the basic idea behind this business. When you invest in bulk ads pack, you will get BAPs worth of what you invested plus 20% extra.

Activation ads

Paidverts issue 8 activation ads daily. By clicking these ads you can get some BAPs.


There are few other ways to get free BAPs. There is a achievement bonus. This is for long time users who are part of paidverts from longtime and purchased advertising package in paidverts. Also, there are games where you can try your luck by betting with your BAP balance and if you won, you will get some free BAPs.



Paidverts offer several kind of methods for adding funds and cashout. This is the list of all the methods-

screenshot of payment methods


No, We don’t recommend it for Indians. As a advertisement option, this is good.  But as a money making opportunity, this is waste of time. People get confused between these two things. To make money with paidverts you need to invest. But again there are 2 issues with investment-

  • There is no payment method available for adding funds and for withdrawing funds. All these payment methods do not support Indian bank accounts and cards.
  • And suppose paidverts introduces new payment methods which support payment trasnfer to/from Indian bank accounts, still there would be an issue of currency exchange. Paidverts works in US dollars. What you invest will cost you high because of currency exchangers fees. There is no logic on paying extra(to currency exchanger) for getting extra(120% return on buck ads purchase).
  • Also, there is no fixed time frame for complete return of 120% return.
  • You can get free BAPs by daily activation ads. But it will take a long time(maybe years) to reach a satisfying BAP group. 

Overall we would say paidverts is a good option for those who want to advertise their website and also whose country’s currency is USD. Paidverts is not profitable for Indian people.

Although, we don’t recommend it. But if you still want to try paidverts, Click here to register. There is no registration fee. This is free to Join.

We are nothing without you. If you have any query, want to discuss something, find out any incorrect information from our side. Please let us know via comment section below. We will get back to you soon.

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