How to make money with kolotibablo in India?

Hello friends! This is P.S. Rawat, admin of this website. I’m here to guide you on the online money making opportunity called “Kolotibablo”. This post is specifically for Indians. In this post, I’ll help you to understand what is kolotibablo and to decide whether it is a good income opportunity for you or not. If yes, then- how to make money with it?

What is kolotibablo and is it doing good in India?

Kolotibalbo is a captcha entry website. Recently, they have added some other earning ways in their website but the primary ways are captcha related tasks.

If I talk about its effectiveness in India then my answer is- Yes! kolotibablo is very effective home base work in India. This is probably the best captcha entry website at this time.

In India, there are several groups who can get benefit with work kolotibablo providing. Middle class and lower middle class people who use computer and smartphone for entertainment purpose only can use their spare time in making money.

Indian housewives and People who want an extra part-time income source can get benefit with kolotibablo.

Do you want to join? Push the button below

You will lead to the home page. Click on ‘start work’ for registration page. Create a login name and provide your email address. complete the registration process and you are all set to work

Types of tasks-
  • Captcha entry (Recaptcha & Image captcha)
  • Captcha moderation
  • Social Network task
  • Machine learning
  • custom task

Only, Captcha entry and moderation work is good for Indians Other tasks are either very very low paying or very rarely available.

I also recommend specifically “Recaptcha” task in captcha entry types.

Why Recaptcha task is most recommended?

Recaptchas are safest captcha entry type. In image captchas, sometimes very unreadable image appears which can lead to make an error. Kolotibablo allows a certain number of errors in per 1000 captchas. If you cross that limit, your account could be banned.

Another reason is demand. Recaptcha demand is high at recent time. Workflow is very good. You will get captcha continuously.

Recaptha pay-rate is 3-4 times more comparing to image captcha. This is another reason.

Versions of Kolotibablo platform
  • Web version – This is the platform you get after login.
  • Windows version/bot – This version is for windows pc.
  • Android app(most recommended)

All three versions are good to work on. Although, in web version you need to do some configuration to get Recaptcha task. There is a easy step by step guide available in kolotibablo website for this.

Android app version is most recommended. We also recommend recaptcha. Therefore, you can understand tapping on smartphone’s screen is a lot easier then clicking the mouse.

Tips & suggestions for better earnings

  • Use good speed Internet.
  • Create 3-4 spare google accounts. If you logged in with your google account, you will get easy recaptchas.
  • Keep changing your google account randomly each day. You can get more information in kolotibablo website in “Gmail pumping” section.
  • There is discount feature in kolotibablo. We don’t recommend it in image captcha. But, In recaptcha if workload is below 70% and you’re getting captchas slowly, you can discount 10%. Discount feature needs calculation of how you get profit with it. There is no need to use discount feature if you’re getting images in good speed.
  • When you keep working kolotibablo more often, you will get the experience of on what time workload is high and on what time workload is low. It will affect your earnings.
  • Kolotibablo app is our most recommended version.

What issues do Indian users face in kolotibablo?

Kolotibablo has no such big issue other then the “withdraw issue”. Yes, some time slow and some time good captcha loading speed is a issue in every captcha entry website. But other then that there is only one issue present in kolotibablo.

Kolotibablo offers to withdraw of funds through several payment processors but unfortunately no payment option support fund transfer to Indian bank account. Paypal no more support kolotibablo. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also banned in India. It might work in the future but at present these are out of order.

We, Indian people, can get money from kolotibablo by exchanging money to the payment processors who support payment transfer to Indian bank account. For example, “Advcash to Paypal” or “Advcash to Payoneer” or “Bitcoin to Paypal” or “Bitcoin to Payoneer”. But it is notable that almost every trusted exchanger charge high fees and also a minimum exchange fees around $10. Therefore, An individual user cannot withdraw money because If he/she wants to withdraw small dollars like $1, $5 etc., it is not going to happen. Then what is the solution?


Attention! This is something very important. I care for my referral. At this time, there is no direct way to withdraw money from kolotibablo. But if you can trust us I assure you that you will get you money. Big thing is “Trust”.

There is a “internal transfer” option available in kolotibablo. You can send your money to my kolotibablo account. This is a quick process which only takes few seconds to minutes. Once I get money in my kolotibablo account, I will pay you back your money in Indian currency through PayTM or bank transfer.

Please note that I’m offering this facility for my referrals only. If you have joined or going to join kolotibablo using my referral link then you are eligible.

Step by step process-

  1. Join kolotibablo using my referral link by click here or button showing above. Any link from my website which lead you to kolotibablo website is valid.
  2. Start completing captchas (Recaptcha is recommended)
  3. If you want to withdraw earnings then contact me. Send me details such as “How much amount you’re going to withdraw?”, “Send me your Paytm mobile number or Bank account number. This process is necessary to prevent any complication in first few transaction.
  4. I will make fund ready on my side and send you this reply “Yes, you can send!”. Then you can send me funds in my kolotibablo through “internal transfer.”
  5. Internal transfers are instant. Once, I see funds in my kolotibablo account, I will send you rupees.
  6. You can send me a thank you message.

What is the Pay-rate?

Below $5$1= 53 Rupees
$5 to $9.99$1= 54 Rupees
$10 and above$1= 55 Rupees

Why pay-rate is low?

If you search the Internet then you will find out that my price per dollar is 14 to 16 rupees lower then what showing you on the Internet.

Allow me to explain. If you’re new to this field then you should know that there is always a 3-4 rupees difference between actual dollar price and what we actually get after the conversion. Yes, This is true. We get money through currency exchangers who charged a fees on it. If you ever get a payment in dollars through Paypal, you might have seen this difference.

Other thing is that I need to transfer funds between different Payment processors to get money in my bank account as you all know there is no direct way to withdraw money into Indian bank account which makes the difference bigger.

More on that there are several referrals who send me small amount of money through internal transfers. I withdraw(by multiple processes) my balance when it reaches to $100. I’m a normal person not a company. I also need money. I could not hold it for a long time. This thing became another reason for low price of per dollar. Because shorter the amount is, higher % of commission I’ve to give to the exchangers.

I’m sure, the number of referrals who send us earnings would increase in future because withdrawing funds from kolotibablo individually is not profitable. We have to withdraw funds in groups. Because it lowers the fees and everyone get better pay-rate. I’ll increase the pay-rate as more referral connect with me. But at this time this pay-rate is fair.

You can cover this price difference by “kolotibablo bonus” feature. Kolotibablo gives bonus for loyal workers. You can see complete bonus list in kolotibablo website. But in a short way, If you have completed 5000 captchas in past 30 days, you will get 8% bonus in each next captcha you complete and if you completed 10000 captchas, you will get 10% bonus in upcoming captchas. Completing 5000 or 10000 captchas per month is very easy. This bonus can cover the price difference.


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