How to make money with ysense (clixsense) in India?

Hello friends, this is P. S. Rawat, admin of this website. I’m all here with a new topic called “Clixsense“. Clixsense is a very popular website with a large number of member base.

In this article, I’m going to review clixsense on an Indian citizen’s perspective. I’ll explain to you- Is it good money making opportunity for Indians or not? And if yes, how to make money with it and how to withdraw money into an Indian bank account as this is a US based company. Let’s start with-

What is clixsense?

Clixsense is like a channel where you get several money making programs altogether. These programs are partnered with clixsense and give a commission to clixsense for using its platform.

for Indians…..

Clixsense’s user base is really huge. That is why, other programs prefer to use this channel beside marketing their programs in other place. In clixsense, they can reach good number of people quickly.

On the other hand, people got several money-making opportunities in one place.

Is it legit?

Yes, absolutely! Clixsense is one of the oldest and trusted platforms. It is online from 2007. A lot of people are making money on it. My personal experience with clixsense is also very good. They have an active forum where you get all the inside news, you can get help on the different aspect of clixsense business.

Is it good for Indians?

Yes, I think so. I know a lot of Indian people making money in clixsense. Joining clixsense is free and there are no hidden fees. I’m also an active member of it. At the time of writing this article, I’ve already earned above $800.

screenshot of my personal earnings…

Clixsense could be a good part-time income source. Indian housewives, students and full-time salaried people can get benefit with it.

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Money making ways in clixsense

There are 3 types of programs available in clixsense to earn money-


A survey is a series of question and answer related to a user’s identity, income, demography, and such information. Big multinational companies hire survey programs to get information about people’s interests, feedbacks & financial capacity to improve their business according to the data they get from surveys. Several survey programs offer paid surveys in clixsense.

Big thing about surveys is that not every survey gives you money. Sometimes you will be disqualified from surveys after giving few answers. Strange! But this is the way the survey program worked. Survey programs don’t indicate the specific requirements for particular survey. Because if they do so, there are chances of cheating.

There are good number of surveys available for Indian people. I suggest you to complete your survey profile honestly. Some question might be tricky. Answer them wisely. Because you will get surveys based on your profile. If the information you provided in paid surveys differ to your profile, your profile could be flagged.

As an Indian citizen’s perspective, surveys are good. It pays really good but its completion depends on your profile. Stronger your profile is better you will be paid.


Offers section shows various kind of paid offers such as install android or ios app, register in a third-party program, play games etc. These offers provided by different programs such as, TrialPay, OfferToro, Adscend and others.

Basically, Offer section is a place where you are getting paid to be a part of promotional offers. You help someone increasing number of downloads, trying out new


Task section is the most recommended section. Because it pays most of the total money provided in clixsense. Task section is all about FigureEight.

FigureEight is a platform which primarily does machine learning and artificial intelligence related projects. To complete those projects they need human intelligence.

They split big projects into small tasks. These tasks then placed into the task list. That task list shows up in the clixsense task section.

FigureEight: Join, prove yourself and earn

Journey in FigureEight is not simple in starting phase. You need to prove yourself.

How a Indian can withdraw money from clixsense?

There are multiple ways to withdraw money from clixsense. But two of them do not support payment transfer in Indian bank account and another paying through “Check” method is for USA & Canada citizens only. So there is only one and only payment method available for Indian people. That is “Payoneer.

screenshot of payment methods

Minimum withdraw limit for getting paid through payoneer is quite high compared to others. That is $20. Payoneer charge a $2 fees for transaction. So if you withdraw $20, you will actually get $18. 

To start getting payment, you first need to register in Payoneer website and attach your payoneer ID to clixsense website, after.

Tips and suggestions for maximum income

  • First thing is- Don’t try to cheat clixsense. One account per household is allowed. If you create more than one account, all your accounts could be banned.
  • Understand the survey job. I don’t recommend surveys. But I recommend to complete your survey profile and try out a few surveys to assure that your profile getting good surveys or not? The profile also plays a big role in surveys. A strong profile can get you good paying surveys.
  • Do not provide any very sensitive information while completing offers. Phone number and email address are fine. But do not provide credit card information, bank account details, and such information.
  • Choose an offer wisely to complete. Not all offers pay fair pay-rate. Do not waste your time for not so good paying offers.
  • In figure eight, patience is very important. You have to prove yourself. It may take a long time. But once you get level 1 badge, things are comparatively smoother, then.

Surveys are hot money making feature in recent time. People are making good money with it.

P. S. Rawat

Admin’s words on major updates: (30 November 2019)

Clixsense gone through some changes. Now it is “ysense”. I think almost every change is completed now. Was these changes good for Indians or bad?

The answer is – “It’s Good”

Paypal is back in action. Now a Indian can withdraw money with paypal and minimum withdraw limit is also lower now $10. Payoneer’s minimum withdraw limite is increased to $55. But if paypal is there you don’t need any other option. Paypal is trusted and having a great reputation in market since a long time.

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