How to make money with in India?

This is P. S. Rawat, admin of this website. I’m here to review another money making platform for Indian people. This time it is “CaptchaTypers“.

In this article, I’m going to explain captchatypers on Indian citizen’s perspective. I’ll try to answer every question an Indian may want to ask about captchatypers.

What is is a captcha entry work providing platform. Like other captcha entry platforms, it also works like a mediator between client and captcha workers.

for Indians….

They provide 2 kind of captcha work-

  1. Alphanuermic
  2. Recaptcha

Is it legit?

Legit word is not applicable in captcha entry website. No captcha entry website owner even discloses its identity. They have clients, they have a technical knowledge and they need workers. It will remain like that.

But we can categorize it between good and bad. See our recommendation at the end of this post.

How to Join CaptchaTypers?

Captchatypers is different from other captcha entry websites. You need to create 2 different types of accounts-

1. Admin account

This is the primary account. In this account, you will get all the information about your work and payments. Click here to create a free admin account.

Screenshot of Admin registration page

This will lead you to a registration page. Fill in your email address, create a username and password. After that you will get a verification email. Verify your email account. Now log in with your credentials

2. Emplyee account

After login, you will become a admin. Now you can create as many employee account as you want. Click the “Employee Master” link. It will lead you to a new registration page.

Screenshot of Employee registration page

You don’t need to fill real name or address and also, remember one thing that user name and password should be different than your admin account. After clicking submit button, your employee id will be automatically list down below.


Now since you have a employee id, you can work. There are 3 ways to work-

1. website version – Log out with admin account and log in with employee id. Now you’ll see a different window in employee account.

Click the “CAPTCHA entry” link at the top menu and you will get a new window for captcha work. Simple!

Web version is for nomal captcha only not for recaptcha.

2. Mobile app

This version is available for android phone. It works for Recaptchas only.

3. PC software (windows app) 

This is a desktop version. It only works for Recaptchas. 

How to withdraw money?

First of all, this is the only captcha entry platform which gives option to withdraw earnings into Indian bank account directly.

CaptchaTypers offers several payment option such as Payza, perfectmoney, bitcoin, neteller and advcash. But for Indian users there is another withdraw method available – “Direct bank tranfer”

(Update 27 Aug 2020) : Good News! Captchatypers added 2 new payment methods for Indians. 1. Google Pay & 2. Phonepe

You can request for payment if your earning is/above $1 till yesterday. Payment precessed on daily basis.

Our recommendation

At last our recommendation for captchatypers is YES. We definitely recommend it. It is best captcha entry website for Indians.

Tips and Suggestions (by Admin)

1. CaptchaTypers is performing good with windows bot version. I highly recommend working on windows bot. Currently there are 2 windows bot available. I suggest you to try them both and choose whichever works better for you. I checked from my side and the CTPG.exe bot works better.

2. I do not recommend working in image captcha (Typing captcha). The reason is – They ban the particular employee id straight away for incorrect entries. They do not give warnings like other captcha entry platforms. You will lose earnings this way. For image captcha I highly recommend – Kolotibablo

3. But if you really want to take risk and do image captcha in captchatypers, too. Then create 2 separate employee ids for Image captcha and Recaptcha. In this way, if your image captcha emplyee id got banned, your recaptcha work earnings stay safe.

We’re nothing without you. If you have any query, want to discuss something, have any feedback or want to share something regarding captchatypers platform, please use comment section below.

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