How to make money with 2Captcha in India?

We, IndianOnlineIncome team are ready again to help our Indian friends in online money making. This time we came up with a captcha entry work platform called “2Captcha”. In this post, We are going to review 2Captcha for Indians. Okay, Let’s Start-

What is 2Captcha & what is its position in India

2Captcha is a well managed Captcha entry website and doing good almost in every country, also, in India. Although, 2captcha’s pay-rate is lowest in the market, therefore, top tier countries may find it less worthy. But in Indian circumstances, It is still good.

You can not expect an income for living from 2captcha. But it can certainly be a good part-time income opportunity. 2Captcha gives comfort to users. Work became available 24/7 there. You can choose your own time

We knew that Indian people like this kind of work. It gives an opportunity to convert spare time into some money as there is no boss and no targets. Most of the Indian women are housewives. It would be great if they can earn money at home by doing captcha entry work at home.

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What issues Indians face in 2Captcha?

There are some general issues which occurred in every captcha entry work like slow image loading, Recaptcha verification issue etc. But other than that at a recent time, Indian users are facing a new issue.

Withdraw issue in 2Captcha

This is the biggest issue which 2captcha users from India facing nowadays. 2Captcha supports several payment processors Bitcoin, Advcash, Payeer, Perfectmoney and few others. But none of the payment processor gives the facility to withdraw funds in Indian bank account.

In the past, Paypal was one option. Paypal allows payment in Indian currency. But PayPal no more support 2captcha. Also, the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are banned in India. Therefore, at this time, this is impossible to withdraw funds directly from 2Captcha account to Indian bank account.

How a Indian can withdraw money from 2captcha?

An Indian can withdraw money from 2captcha through online exchangers only. But every exchanger has a minimum $10 fees applicable. Therefore, there is no sense to withdraw funds using that method. For example, if you’re going to withdraw $10 then you will get nothing because there is a minimum $10 exchange fee, itself. Also, It is understandable that many 2Captcha users want to withdraw small amount like $1, $2 etc.

2Captcha android bot is performing good in recent time. Try if you’re a android user.

P. S. Rawat

Admin’s talk (updated: 05 Nov 2019)

Hello friends, Admin is here. If you’re my referral and facing issues in withdrawing earnings. I created a whole new page just for withdrawal issue of my referrals. Visit link – How to withdraw money from 2capatcha?

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