How to build a successful business with OneAd app?

Major update:- OneAd is no more a money making app in anyway. OneAd officially discontinued its reward program. Now it is completely a gaming app with no rewards and no referral cashback. As per my information, OneAd gave everyone chance to withdraw their balance till 25th December 2019. So yes, OneAd closed but it was not a scam. Good luck!

Hello friends! This is P. S. Rawat, admin of this website and I’m here with a follow up article of my previous review – What is Onead app – Is it a good platform to earn money?

In that review i put OneAd app into “Not Recommended” category. 2 primary reason i’ve given-

  1. No scope of self-earning
  2. Not so good engaging content

Recently onead gone through some changes which are good. Now I can consider it as a low earning reward/loyalty program like Amulyam etc.

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But this is not the full picture of this app. This app’s referral program makes it a good business opportunity, too. A good number of people are making real good money with it by using it as a MLM business.

This is my duty to elaborate this app’s potential by a genuine MLM business point of view. So here I am. Let’s start. Here comes the first lesson-

Building a successful business takes time and effort.

There are different aspect of this article. I tried to splitted it into some questions a user might want to ask. I hope, it’ll make things smooth.

OneAd Business Model

OneAd’s business model is very similiar to a TV channel with few differences. A TV channel also make revenue by showing advertisement. To engage people into their channel they telecast tv shows. Just like that Onead, too, include engaging content-

  1. Games
  2. News articles
  3. Coupons & offers
  4. Horoscope

Although, Onead primarily markets this app as a “Play games and earn money” concept. Which is understandable because of legal issues. Also, that is true. You can earn some game points by playing games.

business model

Onead shares some part of their revenue with users. Here it became different to TV channels. TV channel don’t do that. This is a revenue sharing model. And to grow their business, they provide 10 level deep network marketing model. They give a certain amount to those users under whom network new users joined.

earnings from different levels

Above is chart showing the amount a user received. This chart shows earnings distribution of Level 0 only. Let me explain. Assume the person on level 0 is you. The users showing in level 1 are users who joined by you. Level 2 are users who joined by Level 1 users. Level 3 are users who joined by Level 2. This is a chain till 10th level.

At this time the value of x is 4.03 per month. The amount is credited into your account each day. So each day earnings for an active user 1 would be 0.13 Paisa. As per the chart you’ll earn a x/2 amount from user 2 each month and that would be 4.03/2= 2.01 and each day earning would be 0.06-0.07 Paisa. This process will continue for each level as per the chart above.

Ownership Details

This is a basic rule of business that we should confirm the reliability of a company. And to confirm it we need to check who is behind that company.

Well, they do not provide any ownership detail directly. But i got two connections by doing research –

  1. CEO/Co-founder – Sachin Bansal visit linkedin
  2. COO/Co-founder – Mudit Aggarwal visit linkedin

Also the domain name of Onead’s official website actually registered under a company named ” Search Value ITES Pvt Ltd” which also founded by Sachin Bansal.


First Step>>

Join Onead

First step is downloading the onead app. Visit this link . After downloading register with your details. Use my referral code 91AZB9DN4 to become a member in my network.

Second Step>>

Understand Onead

Now make yourself familiar with this app. There are several sections in this app. Games, My network, Coupon & offers, Horoscope etc.

There is one more feature called “Lock Screen”. If you turned it on. Onead will be added to lockscreen and you will get onead articles and news on lockscreen. Turning it on is completely your choice.

Third Step>>

Share Onead

Talk about this app with your friends and relatives. Let them know what this app is and what this app do. Go to “refer” section. There you’ll get your referral code and a referral link. Use it to join people in your network.

If you want you can share link of this article to them. So they can understand the whole thing.

Fourth Step>>

Use Onead

Use Onead daily. Whenever you get free time play games and read articles. Use the coupons and offers for online shopping.

Final Step>>


Final step is withdrawing earnings. If you follow the steps showing above, you surely get earnings. There are several ways available to withdraw your earnings.

You can directly recharge your mobile or DTH. You can Paytm earnings. There is bank transfer option, too. Also, there are hundreds of shopping voucher option available. Choose whichever option you like and withdraw.

Most promising things about Onead


This app is completely free. There is no registration fee or hidden fee.


OneAd is India only app. It is operated only in India. One might think that what is the big deal with it. But this is my experience if a platform operated from outside India, there are challenges which can occur sometimes.


This is the most awesome part of this app. Onead gives reward money (cashback) for every eligible active user in your network on daily basis. There is no such app available in market. For example- If a user register in your network(Level 1 to Level 10) and was active yesterday on the app, You will get cashback today. Isn’t it awesome?


There is not doubt that this is the easiest MLM business ever. If anyone wants to get experience how network marketing works, this is the easiest example. Most of the MLM business out there required sell products in order to generate revenue. But this doesn’t.


One another cool thing about onead is – If you want to recharge your mobile or DTH, You do not need to have full recharge amount in onead balance. You can use the whatever balance you have in onead and remaining balance can be paid by other method. For example: – If you recharge amount is Rs. 300 but you have only Rs. 20 in onead, you still can use that balance and can pay remaining Rs. 280 from other methods.

Things to keep in mind

Mobile Number

Register with same mobile number you used in PAYTM if you want to withdraw your earnings through Paytm. Onead doesn’t give the facility to transfer money in other Paytm number.

Non-active accounts

Onead accounts which are inactive for 15 days would be closed. All your balance become 0(zero). You couldn’t get it back. I suggest you to be active on this app.

Use code – 91AZB9DN4

Onead is a cool app. We recommend everyone to have it on their mobile phone. Just talk about this app with your friends and relatives like you talk about other stuff such as movies, health products etc. If they shown interest help them joining your network. Simple!

P. S. Rawat

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