Guidance for Online Data Entry jobs in India

Hello friends! This is P. S. Rawat, admin of this website. If you’re a regular visitor of this website then there is a good chance of that you know what me and my team do here. But if you’re new then I’ll tell you in one simple sentence –

We provide help and guidance for our Indian friends to earn money on the internet.

There are various type of money-making opportunity available on the Internet. “Online Data Entry” work is one of them. I’m working on this page to centralized all information regarding online data entry work.

What is data entry work?

As the name suggest itself data entry means an act of entering data into system. In a broad meaning, Data entry is an act of inputting data from a non machine readable file to a managed machine readable file by using some software.

This non-machine readable data file could be any file which consist data such as a hard copy of ID cards, application forms, Invoices etc. The data entry work usually done by keyboards, computer mouse, touch screen etc.

This is the era of data related industry. Every business/company keeps their data into a well managed system so they can analyze it later to increase their business growth. That is why- Data entry is a integral part of companies now a days. Some companies do it on their own and some companies outsource their work.

Basically, there are 2 types of data entry work-


This kind of data entry work usually doesn’t need Internet network. Basically, this kind of work been done in the data entry offices.


This kind of data entry work needs internet connection. An employer can provide work from anywhere in the world and an worker can work from any part of the world.

Motive of this page is to discuss online data entry work. So let’s start-

Online Data Entry work


  1. Computer, Smartphone(in few platforms)
  2. Bank account
  3. Email account 
  4. Computer/smartphone knowledge
  5. Basic typing skill

*Basic typing skill is mandatory because some data entry works need data to be entered quickly in short-time frame.

5 basic steps of doing online data entry work

  • Find genuine online data entry platforms
  • Register
  • Understand the system
  • Work
  • Withdraw/Receive earnings

3 common issues in online data entry work


Getting caught in a scam is a common issue in online data entry work. My personal experience is 95% of website offers online data entry work are scams. I don’t know how they easily hold scam business for a long time without any fear of being caught and punish.

Limited work

Data entry work is client based. Clients provide hard copy or scanned copy of documents to these website to get a well mananed and classified data in the software. These image files are happend to be genuine human related documents, so fairly the amount of work supposed to be limited.

Low pay

Different data entry website provide different work and therefore, pays different pay-rate. Especially, Pay-rate for captcha entry work is below to the average. The reason is that captcha entry work do not need qualification exam. Anybody can do this work. Therefore there are too many workers in captcha entry work. Competition is high so pay-rate is low.



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*Recommended list consist online platforms we reviewed and found out genuine at current time


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*This list consist online platforms we reviewed but we don’t recommend due to some reasons. Read full review to know more


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*This list contain all websites we reviewed and find out a scam. DO NOT WORK ON THESE PLATFORMS

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