Guidance for online captcha entry jobs in India

Hello friends, this is P. S. Rawat, admin of this website. I’m making this page to help my Indian friends on the captcha entry jobs topic. I know that captcha entry jobs are always a hot topic in India. People want to know what is captcha entry work, How it works, Is it a good income opportunity etc. Well, I’m all here to answer all these questions. I have got good experience in this field. I hope that would be helpful for you all.

What is Captcha entry?

Captcha is a method to prevent a system or a website from spamers. In deep meaning, this is a proof that the action which is going to happened to be done by a human.

By doing captcha work, we are helping someone in bypassing that barrier for some money. There are web platforms available for clients who need human resources to do this work. These websites make a system where real humans (captcha worker) can interact with captcha and solve them. Captcha entry websites take money from clients and pay it to captcha workers after deducting their commission. 

Is Captcha entry work effective in India?

Undoubtedly, yes, Captcha entry work is effective in India. Captcha work needs real humans and we are really good in this department (2nd largest population). Effective work doesn’t mean that a person can earn a income for living with this work but it will certainly help you.

There is many kind of differences in India. One of the difference is “financial difference”. Between poor to billinoire, there are various types of financial differences like middle class, lower middle class, higher middle class. Middle class and lower middle class people surely get profit from captcha jobs. Sometimes they’re not happy with their full-time jobs and want some extra income. Captcha entry jobs could be a solution.

Also, the housewives of India can get benefit with it. Still most of the women in India are full time housewives. Captcha work can give them an opportunity to make some money from home without changing their lifestyle.

I also recommend this work to those students who want an income source for pocket money. I know sometimes we ashamed off putting extra burden on our parents financially. Captcha entry work can release that burden. But your first preference should be your study. Don’t spent a lot of time in this work, it may affect your studies.                                                                                                                                               

How to start Captcha entry work?

To start captcha entry work, you first need to understand which captcha entry website is legit. Believe me, no any captcha entry website is legit. No captcha entry website even discloses their ownership details like admin name, office address etc. They are just doing business. I can only differenciate them between good and bad. So legit word is not applicable in this work. You need to understand which captcha entry website is good and profitable you. I’ve listed my favourite captcha entry website below in this post.

Every captcha entry website has a simple registration process. After registering, simply log in and start completing captchas. Every captcha entry website work on a web-based platform. Nowadays, captcha entry websites giving other options like mobile app and pc software(bot). I’ll talk about it in detail in every specific captcha entry website’s review post.


  • A computer system or an Android mobile
  • Stable internet connection with good speed
  • Email account (Gmail is preferred for recaptcha work)
  • Bank account

Types of captcha

  1. Image captcha
  2. Recaptcha (highly recommended)
  3. others(Fun captcha, Slider captcha etc.)

Recaptcha vs. Image captcha

Recaptcha and Image captcha are 2 primary captcha types. Others are not widely popular and very few platforms provide these captchas.

Let’s see the comparison between the two captcha types-

1. Workload

I experienced that recaptcha workload is always stay higher than image captcha in every captcha entry website. And in this industry “high workload means continuoes work.”

2. Pay-rate

Recaptcha pay-rate is 2-3 times and even somtimes 4 times higher than image captcha. Although, an average recaptcha take little more time than an average image captcha to complete.

3. Errors

In recaptcha, there is no afraid of making errors and getting banned. In image captcha sometimes we get very complicated or unclear image and we make errors.

4. High completion time

Although, workload generally remain good in recaptchas but completion time of each recaptcha is big issue. Recaptcha work normally be available continuesly but completing each captcha became harder with each completed recaptcha. Image captchas are easy to complete.

Why recaptcha takes much time to complete sometimes?

Recaptcha is a bit tricky type of captcha. As you complete more recaptchas one after the other, completing recaptchas become harder and harder. But why? The answer is because of Google.

Actually, Google owns the Recaptcha. Therefore this is easy for them to recognize unusual activity. Recaptcha’s complexity depends on 2 factors-

  1. Your IP address
  2. Your Google account

When you be logged in with any google service, you get easy recaptchas. Because they think you’re a genuine user. But as you start completing more and more recpatcha, google system starts thinking that you’re a bot or a spammer.

What is the solution?

The solution is simple – Don’t let them think that you’re are a bot. I know you’re not a bot. But google’s system is not human. If you don’t use google services and only complete captchas, they surely think you are bot.

1. Create multiple google accounts. Use your friend’s and family member’s phone number and Internet connection to create several gmail accounts. Do not create so many accounts on same IP address on the same day with same mobile number. Get as many google account you can. I recommend 7 google accounts. If you can get more it’s better. Getting 7 accounts is not very hard. Note down your google accounts in a excel sheet with password.

2. Change IP address and google account. Restart the internet connection to get new IP address. Also, use different google account if you worked in last day. It means if you have 7 google accounts use the same account after 7 days.

3. Keep google accouns active. Google is everywhere on the Internet. It’s very easy to keep a google account active. For example if you want to watch a youtube video, watch it after login with one of google account because google owns youtube. Also, you can search something on google when logged in with google account. Google counts your every activity while you login with your google account.

List of captcha entry websites


Kolotibablofull reviewJoin
CaptchaTypersfull reviewJoin
2Captcha full reviewJoin


Megatypersfull review
Qlink Groupsoon….


Griyaasfull review

Tips and suggestions for better earning

In captcha entry jobs earning depends on 3 factors-

  1. Pay-rate for each captcha
  2. Time spend on each captcha
  3. continuity of captchas(workload)

Based on these 3 factors, my team’s research and my experience, I’ve some tips for you-

  • Captcha jobs don’t provide much money. Do not waste your time in it if you have other more important works to do.
  • Join the each recommended captcha entry platform (currently are 3) mentioned above.
  • At recent time, kolotibablo is best for image captcha because its pay-rate is best and images are
    comparatively easier than others. (for web version users)
  • And CaptchaTypers is best for recaptcha work. Their bot(pc software) is technically very best at this time. (for pc bot users)
  • For android phone users, 2captcha app is best. But captchatypers app is also recommended.

Rating List

CaptchaTypersHighMediumNot Recommended
This rating list points out our recommendation for different versions of captcha entry platforms. This list is time-based and some changes could happen if things change in future.
  • If you’re working on pc, try to work on multiple platforms (it means different captcha entry platforms like kolotibablo and 2captcha) at the same time. In that way, if captcha speed slow down in one platform you can cover up the time lose in other one.
  • See in this video below – “How to work in Kolotibablo and Captchatypers together at the same time.

Above stated tips are time specific. If things change in the future, I’ll make the necessary changes. Please keep visiting this page for be updated with latest guidance. Last updated: 14 May 2020

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