review: Legit or scam?

We, IndianOnlineIncome team, are determined to review every platform which claims to provide money making opportunity for Indians. In this process, we’re going to review “” website in this post. So let’s start-

What is

Griyaas claims to provide captcha solving work. It claims to provide Rs. 0.05 to Rs. 0.5 per captcha as per the different plans. They also give you access to a demo account where you can complete captchas and see how it works.


This is a SCAM. Stay away from it. We’ve no other clear words to say this. They are definitely holding a scam business. We’re sure that they’re not going to pay anybody and if by chance, they pay a few members, that money is going to be paid through other member’s registration fees.

These are the reasons to prove it a scam-

False starting date

They claim that their company started in 2010. But as per our research, website got registered in 2016. This business couldn’t be operated without a website. So if their website registered in 2016, it indicate that there is no existence of Griyaas captcha entry company before 2016.

Fake captchas

The type of images showing up in the demo work, are not captchas. These are fake system generated alphanumeric words which doesn’t need humans to verify. Captcha should be something only human can solve. They made a system where system generate fake captchas, therefore system already know what is the correct answer. If you typed different words, it shows a message that you’re incorrect. But this is not how captcha industry works. So this is very clear that they do not have any clients.


There are 3 plans for joining griyaas captcha work. But as per our experience there is no need to pay registration fee in captcha industry. So it is clear they’re scamming the people.


They do not have any social media account or any other forum where users can share their views.

CONNECTION WITH GRIYAAS.COM and, owners are same person. There are a lot of complaints against, too. We will also review at future. But it is very clear that this is a suspicious business group.


Minimum withdraw limit in is Rs. 1000(around $15). This is very high. Almost every good captcha entry website have a minimum withdraw limit around $1 to $5. This fact makes this website very suspicious.


We already declare it a scam. This is a website holding a scam business. They do not have any client. They just showing fake captchas in demo work. They took your money through registration fees. And after that, two situations may occur. First, They don’t give you a account and never respond you again. Second, they let you do this fake work. when you reach the minimum withdraw limit and try to withdraw your money, you could not do so.

We, are nothing without you If you find out any wrong information from our side, have any query, want to discuss something regarding Please let us know through the comment box below. We will do the needful.

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