review for Indians – Legit or Scam?

Hello friends! Today, In this post we’re going to review “Freebitco”. Freebitco is a popular platform among all bitcoin based earning opportunities. Here we’ll discuss – Does its popularity justified. We will explain to our Indian friends – Is it good for them or not?

So Lets Start….

What is is an online website which is running since October 2013. It is a 3-in-1 combination of Bitcoin faucet (a way to earn small amount of bitcoin) , Bitcoin based Online Casino (bitcoin based) and a Bitcoin Bank (Unofficially).


1. FREE BTC – This is the primary feature of ‘Freebitco’ website. This platform started has started its business with only this feature. New features have been added after that. This feature is called “bitcoin faucet”.

In this feature, you can earn small amount of bitcoin (Satoshi) after an interval of 1 hour, again and again. You just need to solve a human verification captcha.


2. MULTIPLY BTC – This is a luck based ‘Hi’ & ‘Lo’ roll the dice game. There are 2 options in this game. Whether you can choose ‘Hi” or “Lo”.

Suppose, you choose “Hi” and rolled. If you get a number higher than 5250, then you won. Anything below to 5250 means you lost the bet.

Similarly, If you choose “Lo”, it means you’re betting for lower number. If you roll and number comes below 4750, then you’re the winner. If it is above 4750, that means you lost the bet.

If the number comes between 4750 and 5250, It goes to freebitco as their profit. So basically, your winning chances are 47.5%. You can adjust the winning amount yourself according to risk.

3. BETTING – This is a prediction based game. There are several fields available in category section where you can bet on winning or losing of team or similar kind of stuff. These teams, matches or activity are based on western countries. So you better be familiar with those.

4. GOLDEN TICKET – This is the biggest gamble on this platform. This is 6 month long event. You get 1 golden ticket for every 500,000 satoshi (0.00500000 BTC) you spent on betting in this platform or you can purchase 1 ticket for 25,000 satoshi (0.00025000 BTC). After 6 month, a ticket will be chosen by a lottery drawing. Winner gets a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2. 

5. LOTTERY – This is a weekly contest. You get 2 free lottery ticket for every time you claim FREE BTC from Hourly faucet and every 500 satoshi spent in multiply BTC game. End of the week, 10 tickets chosen by lottery drawing.


6. INTEREST – Freebitco offers 4.08% annual interest on your account balance if it is above 30,000 Satoshi (0.00030000 BTC). It works like a savings bank account. But this is not a officially a bank.


7. REWARD POINTS – Freebitco offers 2 reward points for every hourly BTC claim. These points can be used in different ways. you can check out the options in reward points page.

8. REFERRAL PROGRAM – Freebitco runs an attractive referral program. If you refer this website to someone, you get commission on their hourly claims and betting amount.

Is it Legit or Scam?

Well, This is a genuine and good question. Because we ourselves are not clear about it. Yes, This website is running since a long time. Yes, they are paying the users. But yet there are a lot of bad words spread for this website over the internet.

First of all, the management team and owner of this website somehow managed to keep themselves low-profile. We researched and found out that the name of the owner is “wetsuit”. Obviously, This is not the real name of the owner. He probably don’t want to come into light. And this is very common in these kind of businesses. So it understandable for us.

Second bad thing is – “Withdrawal”.

Minimum withdrawal limit is 30,000 satoshi (0.00030000 BTC)

Do we recommend to Join?

No. We don’t recommend it. The withdrawal limit is very high. We don’t recommend gambling platform to anyone. In this website, the only non-gambling option is “Free BTC”and “Daily Interest”.

With “Free BTC” option alone, It will take a long time to reach minimum withdrawal limit.

To get “Daily Interest”, You have to deposit bitcoin into your freebitco account. Again this is very risky and there is no need. Local banks can also provide the same interest rates.

Despite all that, Freebitco is a technically awesome platform. If you want to join it just to get some experience in this area. That is fine. But don’t take it as a money making opportunity. Click here to Join Freebitco →

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