Faucetpay.io review for Indians – Explore it’s importance

Hello friends, We, IndianOnlineIncome team, are all set to review another platform related to online money making. We are talking about “Faucetpay“. In this post, we are going to review it. We will explain what it claims to offer and If it really provide what it offers. As always this post is also going to be based on an Indian user’s perspective. So lets start –

What is Faucetpay.io?

Faucetpay is a completely cryptocurrency based platform. Every service/opportunity it offers is cryptocurrency related. Based on the nature and the necessity of its features we can differentiate them between-

  • A withdrawal option for other cryptocurrency based money making platform (Microwallet)
  • A cryptocurrency based money making platform itself (PTC)
  • Others (Offerwall, Gambling, Trade etc.) – Not recommended

We will explain it in the post later.

Is it LEGIT?

Actually, This is a tricky question. Because if you understand the faucet industry you may know that crypto microwallet’s legitimacy depends on – How many legit faucets using it as a withdrawal method?

And I can assure you at this time faucetpay is working with many trusted faucets. So if you really interested in faucets(to earn cryptocurrency) then you can’t ignore faucetpay. It is top crypto micro-wallet at this time in terms of efficiency and trust.

How to set-up account in faucetpay?

There are 2 steps of setting up account in faucetpay.

  1. Registration
  2. Link cryptocurrency addresses

Register in faucetpay

Joining faucetpay is a easy process. No special instructions needed. You have to fill a easy registration form and that’s it.

Do you want to try it? Click the button below

(It will lead you to registration page in new tab)

Link crypto addresses

After registration, you have to link your cryptocurrency addresses with faucetpay. To link addresses, first you have to generate crypto addresses. Currently, faucetpay supports 7 cryptocurrencies but we only recommend Bitcoin and Litecoin because these two are enough and most crypto earning platforms work with these two only.

If you already have Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets, It’s fine. But we highly recommend these 2 wallets mentioned below-

  1. Get bitcoin wallet with paxful
  2. Click here to generate litecoin address

Once you got addresses, you can link it by clicking the top right corner and visiting “Linked Addresses” section.

What is the next step?

After setting up your faucetpay account. Now you’re all set to earn cryptocurrencies. Now you can earn cryptocurrencies with-


Now you have to find those faucets which use faucetpay as withdrawal option. Faucetpay itself provides a long list(faucetlist) of such faucets. But we don’t recommend to go with it. Because you are going to end up with wasting your time and efforts. Most of them are bad.

We already created a specific page to list down top faucets. Click here to visit the Daily updated list of top faucets

All you need to do is – visit this list and claim cryptocurrencies from best faucets. Use the same crypto addresses linked with faucetpay. Most of the faucets sent every claim instantly to faucetpay and few have a minimum withdrawal limit. It means – In most of the faucets “each time you claim cryptocurrency it will be instantly added to your faucetpay account.


This is a inbuilt earning opportunity available in faucetpay. This feature of faucetpay is basically a traditional PTC with one minor change. In traditional PTCs you get USD but here you get bitcoins. You have to click an advertisement and visit a web-page to get some bitcoins.


There are some others features available in faucetpay. Most of them we do not recommend to waste your time on. Like we never recommend Gambling based opportunity (Multiply BTC feature), we never recommend risky opportunity(Trade). We also not recommend Offerwall. This is very hard to get good offers in terms of pay amount.

But there are some feature you should consider if you want. Like Affiliate program & Coin swap based on the knowledge and necessity.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from Faucetpay to actual crypto wallet?

Faucetpay itself is not a wallet. It is a micro-wallet associated with your actual crypto-wallet. You have to transfer these cryptocurrencies to actual crypto-wallet.

Faucetypay offers 2 types of withdrawal:-

  1. Normal withdraw
  2. Priority withdraw

There is no major difference between these two. Normal withdrawal starts within 4 hours and Priority withdrawal starts instantly(5 minutes). Priority withdrawal takes high fees. We always recommend “Normal withdraw”. 4 hours wait is not a lot.

Next question would be – when to withdraw. There is a minimum withdrawal limit set. But the big thing is there is fixed fees for both type of withdrawal. Normally fees is calculated based on percentage. But here fees is a fixed amount. It can be changed in future.

Therefore we recommend to withdraw cryptocurrency in a term where fees is between 1% – 5% of what you going to withdraw. For example : – At this time for normal withdraw, the fees is 400 satoshi (0.00000400 BTC). So we recommend to withdraw when withdrawing amount would be between 8000-40000 satoshi.

This is just an example. Our basic motive is to advice you – “withdraw wisely

We are nothing without you. If you have any query, want to share something, have some feedback or find out any wrong information from our side. Please use the comment section below & pass it to us. It will help us to improve or help others.

IndianOnlineIncome Team

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