Easyhits4u review for Indians

Easyhits4u no more gives money for visiting websites. Therefore, we do not recommend it. However, If you are a website owner and want traffic to your website, You can use it.

Easyhits4u is basically a traffic exchange website and online since 2003, but you can also earn from it. It gives $0.30 for every 1000 website visit. To make our review clear we split it into topics. Hope you like it!!

  1. The meaning of Traffic Exchange?


  1. Why Join Easyhits4u?


  1. Why not Join Easyhits4u?


  1. How to Join Easyhits4u?


  1. How to work in easyhits4u?


  1. How to withdraw money from Easyhits4u?


  1. Our suggestions!

Ok, Let’s start!

The meaning of Traffic Exchange?   
The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange means the exchange of website’s visits. Users in every traffic exchange website visit each other’s websites for a specific time. Suppose, you are a user in easyhits4u.com & You visit other user’s website one by one. For every visit of yours, you will get credit. You can use those credentials to get visitors for your website( if you have one).

Why join Easyhits4u?

Why join easyhits4u?
    Latest stats of Easyhits4u


  • Easyhits4u is online since 2003. No Traffic Exchange Websites lasts that long. We strongly believe that their management has done a fantastic job, till now.


  • It’s free to join. There are some paid memberships but we recommend to join as a free member.


  • Simple work. Like other traffic exchange websites, you have to surf websites one by one in easyhits4u.
  • Perfect for newbies. If you are new in online work industry & want to understand whole things then this is the simplest step you can take.


Why not join Easyhits4u?

  • Do not join, If your Internet pack is not profitable. If you have free internet then this is worth to join. Easyhits4u is a traffic exchange which consumes so much data. So use it wisely.
  • If you want to be rich. Don’t join if you want a lot of money with this website. Earning will be very low because of no skill need & simple work.
  • If it affects your full-time job. This is our personal opinion. We care for your future. We don’t want to screw up your career. Take it as a part time work.

⇒We do our best to review every website. If you found any mistake or misleading information from our side. Please Inform us through our comment section. We will take quick action for the best. Thanks in Advance⇐

How to Join Easyhits4u?

How to Join Easyhits4u?

Easyhits4u is simple to join. Click here» to go to registration page. Fill out the registration form. A verification link sent to your email address. Verify your email address. Simple, Isn’t it?


How to start work in Easyhits4u?



  1. Login with your credentials.


  1. Add a website in your profile. If you do not have any website to promote, put this link {link}. Give it a title. Click on submit.


  1. There are 2 options for surfing. One is 15 sec timer (which gives you 1 credit for every 2 visits) and other is 20 sec timer (which gives you 1 credit for 1 visit).                                                                                                   

What is credit?

Credits mean the number of visits you will get to your website. Suppose you visited 300 websites in 15 sec (2:1) timer.  Then you will get 150 visits to your website from other members. If you visited 300 websites in 20 sec(1:1) timer then you will get 300 visits to your website from other members. Hope, you are clear!


  1.  After clicking one of the two timer options, you will be redirected to surf page which will show you a reverse timer. After reaching 0, it will show you a combination of some small pictures.
  2. You have to choose repeated pictures from those. After that new website will be loaded. Repeat the same procedure.


How to withdraw money from Easyhits4u?

Minimum withdraw limit is $3. Money can be withdrawn with 4 options – PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustpay, Bitcoin. For Indian users, we recommend Paypal and Bitcoin. Click “statistics” button below the top row. You will see a cash out link below. Click on it and withdraw. Simple!


Our Suggestions!

We have some experience of working on this website. Based on our experience we have some suggestions.

  1. 2 types(1:1 and 2:1) of surfing available in this website. Choose what is best suits you. If you want to promote your website seriously than 1:1 is good, Otherwise, select 2:1. It makes money quicker.


  1. Bonus page appears in between website surfing. Try to focus on that. It will give you some bonus credits and much more. Daily at starting, usually it comes after every 25 websites and then after surfing 100 websites total it comes after every 50 websites.


  1. Use PayPal as your primary withdraw option.


  1. Easyhits4u offers $0.30 for 1000 surf visits. The money will be credited to your account only after every 1000 surf visits. Do not worry about that.


⇒We appreciate you for reading this article. We tried to make everything simple and clear. However, if you have any confusion or have any query related to this article, Please comment below. We are here to help you.⇐


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