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Hello friends! We, IndianOnlineIncome team, are ready to review another platform which is related to (or part of) a money making opportunity. This time we’re going to review “” website. We will explain – What it is?, What it offers?, Is it genuinely doing its work? and If the answer is – Yes, then we will give you some tips best to our experience and knowledge. As always, all these things going to be based on a Indian user’s perspective. So lets start

What is itself is not a money making platform but it’s a mandatory platform to join for some other actual money making platform.

coinpot is a micro-wallet for few cryptocurrency based micro earning platform called “faucets“. Click here to know more about faucets.

Coinpot is different from other micro-wallet like faucetpay etc. Other micro-wallets work with a lot of faucets. It doesn’t matter those faucet are good or bad. Any faucet owner can list his/her faucet in those micro-wallets. But this is not the case with coinpot.

At this time, coinpot only support 7 faucets. Out of those seven, three are Bitcoin based and others are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, & Bitcoincash coin based each. We’ll talk about those later in this post. I don’t know why, but the number of supporting faucets is seven from the starting. May be, the owner of all platform is same and he/she only wants to work with faucets only he/she can control.

Is it LEGIT?

Yes. There is no proof or logic to declare it a scam. A micro-wallet’s legitimacy decided by the legitimacy of faucets using it. And we can assure you that every faucet working with coinpot is one of the longest running faucet. Our recommendation is – YES . If you understand the faucet work and want to work in faucets, we surely recommend to join coinpot.

How to Join coinpot?

Registration process is very simple. You have to fill a simple registration form and you’re done.

Do you want to try it? Click the button below

Good luck…

List of associated faucets

As we already mentioned, there are only 7 faucets associated with coinpot. Now we’re going to talk about them. But two things, we have to get your attention on. First is, If you going to join these faucets you first need to join coinpot. Join coinpot by clicking the button above. Second thing is, You have to use same email in both coinpot and faucets. In that way, they automatically synchronize with each other. Now let’s check out the faucets-

BONUSBITCOIN is definitely one of the top faucets. It supports bitcoin. It is successfully running since February 2015. It offers to claim bitcoin after each 15 minutes.

Claim-rate in bonusbitcoin is unique. By default, it is set at “random”. It means you receive a random amount between 1 satoshi – 5000 satoshi. You can change it to average amount by clicking the text “Change your claim settings” below timer. We recommend average option because the default option is basically a little bit like gamble. Anyways, It is not a big deal though. Choose whatever suites you.

One more good thing about bonus bitcoin is – Daily bonus feature. It gives each day a 5% bonus of total claim for last 3 days.

Join Bonusbitcoin →


Bitfun is No. 2 in this list. It is also running since a quiet long time (since January 2017). It is a simple bitcoin based crypto faucet. Timer is minimum 3 minutes between each claim.

Although timer is set to 3 minutes. It doesn’t mean you get bitcoin for claiming after 3 minutes. The bitcoin counter may show “0 satoshi” because of the bitcoin price would be high at that time. So do we recommend to claim when counter shows “0 satoshi?” At current scenerio, the answer is – “YES” . Read the coinpot token section below to know, why.

Join Bitfun →

MOONBIT is another one the list. Online since January 2018 and working good. Timer is 5 minutes.

This is also a bitcoin based faucet. Like bitfun, Moonbit also can show “0 satoshi” after 5 minutes. But we recommend to claim anyway. Read the coinpot section below to know why.

Join Moonbit →


Moonliteco is a litecoin based faucets. And it’s probably the longest running faucet in all faucets mentioned here. Running since January 2015. Timer is 5 minutes.

As you can see that moonliteco is alone litecoin based faucet here. Its makes it hard to reach the minimum withdrawal limit. So what is the solution? Read the withdrawal section below.

Join Moonliteco →


There are 3 more faucets associated with coinpot. These faucets are not bitcoin or litecoin based. At current time we only recommend bitcoin or litecoin based faucets. But if you want to work with them, it’s fine.

We do not recommend to work on offerwall section of any faucet. It is a waste of time. And also we suggest you to stay away from gambling / Luck based features like multiplier, Dice game etc.

We’ve discussed the faucets which are associated with coinpot from outside. But there is one amazing inbuilt feature available in coinpot, too.

That feature is – “Coinpot Token”. Let’s talk about it-

Coinpot Token – What is this?

Coinpot Token is a inbuilt reward system of coinpot. You can see it on coinpot dashboard. Coinpot gives reward tokens for doing activities (claim crypto) on associated faucets mentioned above. This is extra beside the claimed cryptocurrency.

screenshot of coinpot dashboard…

There are 2 ways of getting coinpot tokens-

1. Faucet claim – Coinpot rewards 3 token for every claim you done on associated faucets. This is beside the claim amount. Claim amount stored in micro-wallet and token stored in token wallet.

2. Complete challenge – Coinpot also rewards tokens for completing different kind of challenges. These challenges also associated with faucets. There are certain limit set. One challenge is : – When you claim 100 faucets claim in one day, 100 token will be rewarded to you. There are monthly challenges & all time challenges too.

What is the use of coinpot tokens?

You can convert these tokens into cryptocurrencies. So if you understand it, these tokens increase the claim amount rate of each faucets. That is the reason, we recommend to claim from faucets even when it shows “0 Satoshi”, because it provide you tokens (later cryptocurrency) anyway.

What is the withdrawal procedure?

The withdrawal procedure is simple. There is minimum limit set for withdrawal for each cryptocurrency. As we only recommend to work on Bitcoin and Litecoin based faucets, We tell you about these 2-

CryptocurrencyMinimum limit
Bitcoin0.0001 BTC (10000 satoshi)
Litecoin0.002 LTC (200000 litoshi)
Limit can be changed in future..

As you’re aware that there are 3 bitcoin based faucets and only 1 litecoin based faucet in here. It is understandable that litecoin micro-wallet will take forever (very long time) to reach minimum withdrawal limit. That is why we recommend to convert litecoins into bitcoins. The conversion rate is fair. Also, convert the coinpot tokens into bitcoins, too. In that way you reach the minimum withdrawal limit quickly for bitcoin withdrawal.

There are different ways available for withdrawal. But we only recommend “direct to wallet”. You need a bitcoin wallet to withdraw bitcoins. Click here to get a bitcoin wallet free. There is no fees for withdrawal at this time.

Withdrawal takes maximum 48 hours. We tested it and never found any complication regarding withdrawal.

We’re nothing without you. If you have any query, want to share something or find out any wrong information from our side regarding coinpot or its associated faucets, Please use the comment below to pass it to us. We’ll reply or take action accordingly.

IndianOnlineIncome Team

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