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IndianOnlineIncome team is all set to review another online program which claims to provide a way to make some money. We’re going to review “BrainBaazi app”. In this post, we are going to cover useful information, guidance, and tips altogether such as-

  • What BrainBaazi actually is?
  • How does it work?
  • What is cheat code & extra life?
  • Some tips and suggestions for the better result

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What is BrainBaazi?

BrainBaazi is an android app/platform for a live trivia game show. The game show performed daily which consist of 11 questions and anchored by a host(quizmaster).



This is a combo of fun, live show, and trivia quiz. Each quizmaster does excellent work and makes you engaged with knowledge and humor at the same time.


Is it legit?

Absolutely, BrainBaazi is a legit program. This is a live game show and real people compete here.

Prize money distributed to the winners instantly after each game. More on that it is a fun game show. There is no joining fees or such things. All you need to do is- open BrainBaazi app at the right time and play the game.


Is it a Genuine Income way?

No! It is a combo of Fun/Entertainment + Knowledge + Reward. But another fact is that it is a money-making possibility for Trivia genius. We as a team determined to review every possibility which helps Indians to make some money. So we’re doing our work and reviewing it here.


Recommended for

Anybody can use this app. But we highly recommend it for-

  • Trivia lovers
  • People who want to increase their knowledge base


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If needed, use the referral codetestingid


1. What time is the game being played?

At the time of writing this article-

  1. Daily at 9 p.m.
  2. Mon-Fri at 1 p.m.


2. What is the prize for the winner?

All the winner get an equal share from the prize money declared before starting the game. Currently, it is 1 lakh rupees for midnight game and 50000 rupees for the afternoon game.


3. How the prize distributed?

Suppose if 500 people won the midnight game then Rs. 1 lakh prize money will be divided between 500 people equally and every winner will get 200 rupees.


4. What is cheat code?

BrainBaazi provides 2 question’s answer for each game in a tricky way. One, just after the end of the last game and second, just before the starting of the recent game. It is a kind of loyalty bonus.


5. What is extra life?

Extra life feature gives an opportunity to remain in the game even after giving a wrong answer. Only one life can be used in one game. Extra life can be earned by referring BrainBaazi app to others or by completing interesting challenges set by them.


6. What method used to withdraw reward?

Currently, Prize money can be withdrawn by Paytm and Mobikwik


Tips for the better experience

The cheat code is an awesome feature. Try to get both cheat code. Also, try to watch the game start to end, it will add an extra life to your account.

So basically, 2 cheat code and 1 life, total 3 out 11 question which are being asked in the game already answered in a way. Keep in mind this fact!



→Sometimes app shows technical difficulties such as question not showing on the screen, false elimination or such kind of issues. We faced such issues few times. As per our experience, we can say if issues occurred with a large number of users, brainbaazi team could restart the game. Otherwise, there is no solution for this.

→Live show requires a decent internet connection. If video speed is not good, turn the data saver or text saver mode on which can make things, smooth.


We’re nothing without you. If you have any query related BrainBaazi app or you found any wrong information from our side, Please inform us via the comment section below. We will take quick action for the best.


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