BpoMart Review – A legit Indian Data Entry Work

IndianOnlineIncome is ready with the review of another legit data entry website. Bpomart is a website which provides online data entry work without any registration fees. Absolutely no hidden fees. All you need to do is prove your typing skill and you are all set to work. We are sharing details and suggestions to make your journey smooth in bpomart.

What is BpoMart?

Bpomart is a website name which offers data entry work for Indian members. BpoMart is a project of Vee Technologies.

Vee Technologies is a global strategic services company that is dually headquartered in New York, U.S., and Bangalore, India. Chocko Valliappa is the Founder and CEO of vee technologies.

Bpomart is all about a website which works like a typical data entry software.

Is Bpomart Legit?

The answer is yes. We have no reason to call it a scam. BpoMart is a part of very genuine and growing business group. They are providing a genuine data entry job for everyone.

They are conducting a legal business with genuine income source. BPOMart is the outsourcing partner for data entry services and ties up with several MNC pertains to health insurance claim transactions.

How to Join BpoMart?

Joining Bpomart portal is very easy. Simply go to the official website of bpomart by clicking here>>. There is a signup button on the top right corner at first place. Push the “signup” button and process will start.

At first, you are taken to the “Welcome Sign up” page where you can read the whole process of sign up.

Bpomart recommends all new members to read all the requirements, faq and About us page. We are adding some most important information here.

Required information and documents to signing up to BPO Mart-
  • Your personal email Address
  • Your personal mobile Number
  • Your postal address for communication
  • Your Bank Account
    • Scanned copy of your Bank Pass Book (OR) Cheque leaf in JPG format
    • Bank Name
    • Branch Name of your Bank
    • Full Account number (9-15 digits)
    • IFSC code number which will be used for NEFT Payment of your earnings
  • Your PAN number

Some people who are new to online work industry may find it doubtful to share their bank details. It is necessary to share your bank details because they will send payment in your bank account. Also, Pan number is also necessary as it is a legal work.

After pressing continue button, you will be taken to the typing test.

Now follow these steps-

  • Clear the typing test. You have unlimited chances to clear the test. Basically, it is not a test, although it is practice to reach minimum typing speed and accuracy.
  • After passing the typing test an evaluation test will be offered. In this evaluation test, you have to answer 25 questions. These questions are practice to judge the basic knowledge of the user. You must score minimum 20 out of 25 (i.e. 80%) to continue next step.
  • After you clear evaluation test, your user id and password will be auto-generated and send to your email account.
  • Now go to bpomart login page and log in with your details. It is possible that you found following message “user id waited for HR team approval”. Do not worry about it. It will take only a few days to get approval.

BPOMART Journey – Basics and Instructions

After the HR Team cross verifies your details and approves your user id, you will be qualified for working in “capture1” work.

what is capture1?

capture1 is an access point to bpomart’s data entry work. This is the working area of a member. Just click it and start your work. capture1 work button located on the main page of the website.

Work reports

BPOMart proudly releases the following reports that no job site is providing-

  • Earnings Report (to check the daily earnings),
  • Accuracy Report (to check the daily Quality %) and
  • Mismatch Report (to check and analyze the mismatches reported)

Reports updated on daily basis between 12:00 am to 12:00am on a scheduled basis. BPOMart recommends users to view the complete updated report up to “a day before” they worked. For example- 1st June report can be viewed fully on 3rd June (since 2nd June report could have been updated partially updated).

Payment Details

Bpomart releases payment monthly. Members get their payment in bank account

  • Payment calculated as 27th of last month to 26th of the current month.
  • Payment releases after Rs.250/- and above is accumulated.
  • Payrate is 0.40 paise for 100 correct characters.


According to our research and experience, we are listing some common issues which bpomart users faced and the solution-

1. Batch Over Message

This message only appeared when the batch you are working on getting over or there is no more work available. Sometimes for technical reasons, this message appeared frequently. Usually, when this type of issue occurs bpomart team flashes a message on the website regarding this. Do not worry. It is not a big problem.

2. Late payment issue

BpoMart promised to pay its eligible members till 15th of every month. We will not say that they fulfill their promise. We noticed a delay in payment. But this is not a big issue, too. Yes, sometimes they pay late but not very late. one of our team members once got payment in 28th of the month. It should be fine.

Note:- If you crossed 250 rupees limit before 26th of last month. Then you will get paid this month between or after 15th. In case you are a new member and not getting payment then send an email to HR team(hr@bpomart.com). Maybe your document not submitted properly.

3. Low earnings

Yes, this is right. BpoMart payrate is 40 paisa per 100 charactors. With this payrate nobody can make a full time income. We want neither to overwhelm nor to discourage you. Everyone has its own typing skills. If you have a good typing skill than you may get a part time income from it.

BpoMart free to join. There is nothing bad to give it a try.

Guidance and Tips for maximum outcome

To get maximum earnings and better experience we have some tips and suggestions-

  • Please visit training material page before starting work.
  • Mismatch Reports is a very effective feature. Review your mismatch reports on daily basis.
  • Best time to work in bpomart is when fresh batches uploaded. As per our research, they upload batches either after evening or morning.

Current Update(14th, January 2020)

Everything is working fine in Bpomart. Keep working. Feel free to share your experience. Good luck!

⇓Current Status⇓


We are nothing without you. If you have any query related bpomart or you found any wrong information from our side, Please inform us via comment section below. We will take quick action for the best.

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