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Hello friends, We, IndianOnlineIncome team, are back with another review of a platform which claims providing a money making opportunity. We’re talking about –  . In this post, we’re going to discuss whether it is what it claims or not. Just like every other review this post also going to be based on an Indian user’s perspective. So, Let’s start….

for Indians only….

What is

In simple words – is a cryptocurrency based PTC platform. Some of you might not aware of what PTC is. PTC(paid to click) is a very popular and old way of making money online. In PTC platform users are paid small amount of money for clicking a advertisement and visiting a web-page. follows the same model. Only change is – It pays cryptocurrency(bitcoin) in place of traditional currency(like USD etc.).

Is it LEGIT?

Yes, We think so. It provides what it claims. That is the primary key of a legit platform. Some of member in our team are users of this platform and they didn’t find any issues till now. website is smoothly running since September 2016. Therefore it is safe to say – It already proved sustainability of its business model.

How to join

Joining is simple registration procedure. The only difference is – Need of a bitcoin address. As we already mentioned that it is a bitcoin based income opportunity. But you have to fill your bitcoin address at the time of registration.

Screenshot of registration page

If you already have a bitcoin wallet than you can proceed to registration process. But if you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, I recommend to visit this link- How to create a bitcoin wallet?

Do you want to try it now? Click the button below

Fill the form and that’s it.

How to start earning bitcoin?

Currently, there are 3 ways available for earning bitcoin in this platform. In broad sense, all three ways are same but with some minor differences. Basically, all 3 ways are based on – “Clicking ads and/or visiting a web-page”. Let see what is the difference-

1. Surf ads – In this section, You have to click an advertisement. It will open a web-page in new tab. At the same time a timer starts in the page where you clicked the advertisement. Once the timer finished, small amount of bitcoin are added to your account balance instantly and new ad shows up if available. You can close the web-page of last advertisement, now.

2. Active window surfing – This section is also very same to the “surf ads” section. But in this way when you click an advertisement you’re forced to be on the same web-page. You can not change the tab. If change your tab, the timer will stop until you come back to the advertisement page. In short, You have to watch the web-page until timer finished. Also, you have to complete a easy human verification.

3. Autosurfing – As the name suggest itself, It is a automatic surfing. You have to click only once and it will lead you to a automatic surfing page. This page automatically visit advertisement web-page when its available. You can leave it open for whole day.

How to withdraw bitcoin from it? offers 3 ways for withdrawing bitcoin-

  • Direct wallet Transfer
  • FaucetPay (Micro-wallet)
  • ExpressCrypto (Micro-wallet)

At the time of writing this post, for direct transfer, the minimum withdraw limit is – 33000 satoshi (0.00033000 BTC). For Micro-wallet based withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal limit is 4000 satoshi (0.00004000 BTC).

When you reach desirable withdrawal limit and want to withdraw, just click “withdraw” tab on left side and follow the instructions. Withdrawal doesn’t take more than 3 days.

Tips and suggestions for better experience

1. Do not create more than one account.

2. We don’t recommend “Referral Market” section. It is a risky method.

3. For withdrawal, we highly recommend – Faucetpay. It is trusted and minimum withdraw limit is low. Click here to join Faucetpay.

We are nothing without you. If you’ve any query, want to share you feedback, or find out any wrong information from our side regarding , Please use the comment section below to pass it to us. It will help us improve and also, help others.

IndianOnlineIncome team

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